Thursday, 11 July 2013

Me&Mine July 2013

Our First Family Holiday...


One Year Old.

Our Beautiful little man is One.

I can't believe how fast this year has gone or how quickly you have grown into a little boy...
We have had you in our lives for a whole 365 days but it really does feel like forever.

You are so clever, so funny and so beautiful.

We took you away for your birthday to stay in Grandma's caravan.
We wanted some time to just be with you and play with you and enjoy the special day with you.
We stayed near the river and you loved paddling your toes in the water...

You shouted at the lambs and listened intently when the ducks quacked at you...
You played on the grass - You loved the open spaces!- and picked daisies and skimmed stones across the water with dada (or tried to at least!)...

We gave you lollies to cool you down as it was so hot!

We bought you a Trike and you went all over the site in it...

When it got to the time you were born ( 5.22am) we wanted to take a picture of you with your Daddy..
But you were so sleepy!
We did get one eventually but then you were awake and ready to play!

We took you out when Grandma came, to a little village where there was a big old car boot sale. 
Daddy found a little bike for you and your Auntie bought it!
Your Daddy is going to make it shiny and fix it for you for when you can ride a big boys bike..

When we came home on the Sunday we got to see your Aunties and Uncles who wanted to celebrate too and after a lovely meal we all sang Happy Birthday and had your cake...

You loved birthday cake.

But you still had to see your other Grandma and Great Grandma and all your other Aunties and Uncles...! (to be continued)


Mama with a camera!!

The day after my first Nanny post my lovely Sister came over for coffee and brought me the most amazing gift...

My first real camera!
It is one of the best presents I've ever been given as it means I can capture so many precious moments  with mr Tibs and learn how to take proper pictures!
It makes me feel very serious; like a real grown up mama.

I'm so grateful as Its not something I would have been able to get on my own and I love that she has picked it out for me...
Thank you Nanny.
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