Saturday, 31 August 2013

The end of Summer...

I can't believe that tomorrow will be the first of September...
Although we (hopefully) have a few more sunny days to look forward to, 
we've come to the end of the summer..

This has been your first "proper" Summer. 
We have had such an amazing time with you.
And had so many adventures...

You have been to lots of new places and learnt so many things.
It has been a Summer of very hot days and you have loved paddling in the pool and playing in the sunshine.
You have caught the sun and spend lazy days sleeping in after all the running around..
We went on our first holiday together where you went around on your little trike and learned how to make all the sounds the animals make.
You have played at Grandmas with your Aunties and Uncles and had lots of raspberries from Grandma's allotment.
We have been on your first bike ride and had lots of ice-cream.
We celebrated your first birthday.
You have gone from crawling to standing to walking to running.
We have scooted home together
You have seen big trains, lots of fish, castles and talking trees...

We have had an amazing summer adventure with you.
Watching you grow and chasing you everywhere...
You make everything so exciting, so fun and so new.
Everything you do makes us smile..

Goodbye Summer 2013...


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