Monday, 30 September 2013

{Me and Mine} September

Our Pretty Amazing Family
September 2013

Having some cuddles before Dad left for his first trip away with work
You wanted to race about so we watched your favourite music video "Hey Ho"..
You still love it.

We got there in the end.
(Just slightly looking like a statue family)

{This Month}
We've all had a cold :(
been adventuring to a castle, 
looked in the woods for monsters and gruffalo's,
 played in a big ball pool, 
had a long sleepover at Grandma's,
got used to a new job,
got out our warmies for the colder days...
and spent a lot of sunny days together.


Sunday, 22 September 2013

{The Ordinary Moments}

This week we had a rare day when your other Auntie and Uncle were off work, so we all went for a little walk and lunch by the river..You had a lovely time watching your Uncle skim stones and then we headed off to see the ducks.
Here you both are watching the ducks together..
Nanny is your bigger Auntie, and you don't get to see her as often as your littler Auntie but you love it when you do. She is the more serious one. You took a while to work her out but now you seem to trust her...When she talks to you, you listen intently and try to tell her things.
She is the one that tells you stories, the one who always has something interesting in her bag, the one who always scoops you up and gives your face a wipe, the one who loves to buy you and your little uncle presents. She is the adventurous one, the one who always tells mum not to worry, but still worries about you..

My cuddly little fox and my beautiful, strong Nanny.

An ordinary moment in our week - that I don't want to forget.


Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Ordinary Moments

When we found out that you would be arriving no one, apart from us obviously, was more excited than your Auntie, my little sister.
She loves your Uncle, my little brother, so much and has always been brilliant with children, and she loves babies.
She has looked after both of us from the very beginning; cooking, caring and making us feel safe and cosy.
She helped us with getting everything ready for you and picking out lovely things for your arrival.
When you were born I found out later that she couldn't wait to hold you and was desperate all day to get her first cuddle!

At the moment she spends a lot of time with you, and you love to see her.
You know her as the playful one, the one who takes you up and down the garden, the one who will always make you laugh when you cry and the one who sneaks you bits of chocolate and sweeties when no-ones not looking...!
You can get away with anything when she's around.
You are so energetic these days and she spends a lot of time chasing you up and down while I have five minutes chatting to grandma or having a cuppa, and we love her for it.

You love reading books, and last Sunday you both sat together reading this book about a little red hat in the snow. 
You were so content sitting there with your cuddly Auntie, listening to her read.
I was in the middle of putting the kettle on but I had to catch it as it was so wonderful to see.
My beautiful boy, and his special Auntie, spending a cosy moment together.

A simple moment I don't want to forget.


Monday, 2 September 2013

{Summer Adventure at Stockeld Park}

On Friday we decided to have our last day out before September started and Joe started his new job...
 so we packed up and headed to Stockeld Park Summer Adventure.

We took the little lovely to the Christmas Adventure last year but he was only a few months old and spent most of the day asleep in the sling so we were looking forward to him being able to see everything this time.

The park is set in a beautiful wood and has such a magical feel when you first get on to the enchanted walk..

Tibs loved the talking tree..
..and Rapunzel in her castle..

There is an amazing sandy play area with a big ark and pirate ship..


and a village of toadstools...

Making the washing machine light up made him giggle!

 My Favourite part though...

Was the giant teapot!

There were even Yorkshire "tea-bags" to slide down on!

After tea we popped over to Grandma's house..

Then on to the Old woman in a shoe..

(they were both out.)

After all that adventuring we headed off in search of ice-cream...

And found tractors and trucks too!...

Then time for just a quick slide...
(or five.)

We had such a lovely day at the Summer adventure, I'm really glad we paid a visit before the end of the summer.
The play areas were beautiful and as well as the adventure walk there was a roller-skate arena, go-karting, electric scooters, bouncy castles and and ice cream parlour.
The whole walk felt magical; there are so many little touches for children to find like tiny doors, wooden sculptures and funny sounds.
There really is so much to see.

We'll definitely be planning a trip to the Christmas adventure...!

*All opinions are my own


Sunday, 1 September 2013

{The Ordinary Moments}

Last week we said goodbye to our lovely friend as he heads off to a very exciting new job nearly 900 milles away...
however he we be working as a designer for a very famous toy company so we don't mind letting him go for a little while.

Uncle Mat is Daddy's best friend and another of your awesome uncle's.
Last week we had some food together and Uncle Mat brought a Nerf gun to play with.
You absolutely loved it and laughed your head off at the darts flying about the room.

I know a lot of people say that children are forced into gender stereotypes by their parents and peers but I can honestly say You have been into boy type things since you were old enough to sit up.
You love cars, tractors, trains, footballs and, more recently, big guns that fire foam darts.
Don't get me wrong, I am very happy for you to be into whatever interests you have, and should you one day want to do ballet or wear pink socks I'll be supporting you..
You just love playing with other boys and kicking footballs at the moment.

It was such a special moment as it will be a long time before we see Uncle Mat again and you had such a laugh playing together.

A simple moment but one I don't want to forget..

Good Luck Uncle Mat!

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