Sunday, 1 September 2013

{The Ordinary Moments}

Last week we said goodbye to our lovely friend as he heads off to a very exciting new job nearly 900 milles away...
however he we be working as a designer for a very famous toy company so we don't mind letting him go for a little while.

Uncle Mat is Daddy's best friend and another of your awesome uncle's.
Last week we had some food together and Uncle Mat brought a Nerf gun to play with.
You absolutely loved it and laughed your head off at the darts flying about the room.

I know a lot of people say that children are forced into gender stereotypes by their parents and peers but I can honestly say You have been into boy type things since you were old enough to sit up.
You love cars, tractors, trains, footballs and, more recently, big guns that fire foam darts.
Don't get me wrong, I am very happy for you to be into whatever interests you have, and should you one day want to do ballet or wear pink socks I'll be supporting you..
You just love playing with other boys and kicking footballs at the moment.

It was such a special moment as it will be a long time before we see Uncle Mat again and you had such a laugh playing together.

A simple moment but one I don't want to forget..

Good Luck Uncle Mat!


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  1. Aw good luck to your friend and I hope that you get some freebies. ;) My little girl is definitely following Gender stereotypes too, although sometimes she surprises us, like yesterday she wanted a Thomas the Tank Engine ball instead of a Hello Kitty one. ;) x


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