Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Ordinary Moments

When we found out that you would be arriving no one, apart from us obviously, was more excited than your Auntie, my little sister.
She loves your Uncle, my little brother, so much and has always been brilliant with children, and she loves babies.
She has looked after both of us from the very beginning; cooking, caring and making us feel safe and cosy.
She helped us with getting everything ready for you and picking out lovely things for your arrival.
When you were born I found out later that she couldn't wait to hold you and was desperate all day to get her first cuddle!

At the moment she spends a lot of time with you, and you love to see her.
You know her as the playful one, the one who takes you up and down the garden, the one who will always make you laugh when you cry and the one who sneaks you bits of chocolate and sweeties when no-ones not looking...!
You can get away with anything when she's around.
You are so energetic these days and she spends a lot of time chasing you up and down while I have five minutes chatting to grandma or having a cuppa, and we love her for it.

You love reading books, and last Sunday you both sat together reading this book about a little red hat in the snow. 
You were so content sitting there with your cuddly Auntie, listening to her read.
I was in the middle of putting the kettle on but I had to catch it as it was so wonderful to see.
My beautiful boy, and his special Auntie, spending a cosy moment together.

A simple moment I don't want to forget.



  1. This is beautiful. I love it, and i love the story behind the picture.

    Popper over from Katie's Ordinary Moments

  2. Aw this is SO lovely and I can totally relate because I have a younger sister. What is the age difference between you two? My sister is ten years younger than me and she is the best Auntie to my girls. Just amazing and she loves them so much. x

    1. There is ten years between us too! How funny..
      It really is so wonderful to see them together x

  3. how lovely to have captured this little relationship huni. my brother is the same with my daughter and its so lovely to see x


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