Thursday, 20 November 2014

Pumpkin Patches and Jelly beans

November has always been a busy old month for my family, having four birthdays starting from the end of October, as well as bonfire night and the usual Christmas build up, it seems like we spend the whole month planning, wrapping presents and eating cake !
Now that our little one is getting bigger I'm managing to get back into the kitchen for baking a lot more, which I love. Before I became a mum I developed a love for baking and decorating cakes. I am no professional but I still really enjoy seeing what I can create and how different ideas will turn out.

You can see the little one's last two cakes here and here

This month my youngest brother asked for a pumpkin pinata cake for his 8th birthday and I have to say it's been one of my favourites to make. I managed to shape it entirely out of cake using standard cake tins; the inside was filled with jelly beans and layered with buttercream.
I wanted it to look magical, almost like it belonged in a fairytale, so I used strong colours and added little touches like the green twirls and pumpkin ''seeds''. The ''soil' was dark brown sugar.


I'm still working on my photography skills so please excuse these!

Sally x

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Late Catch up

So, it has been a rather busy summer for us as a family, we've tried to make the most of the beautifully sunny days with lots of lovely days out together and spending time with family and friends.

As I managed to smash my camera at the start of the summer and our computer went on the blink around the same time, it kind of put my little shop on hold! Most of my work is done via the internet so using my phone didn't work out too well..  However now that my lovely husband has replaced my proper camera and fixed our computer I'm back in the shop, so to speak, and planning lots of ideas for autumn and the fast approaching Christmas season!


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Little one turns two

Although this was nearly three months ago I just have to share the pics from the little one's second birthday.

The Tour de France passed through our little section of Yorkshire the same day, so we headed off in the morning to see the cyclists and the caravan of course. He sat of his daddy's shoulders and loved seeing the parade of colourful floats, there was also a big fair on the green where we had a cream tea whilst waiting for the cycles. We met up with family and watched the cycles pass together, then we headed off home for our little tea party..

Growing so very fast ...


Friday, 4 July 2014

So July is already here... June has been a busy month for us as well as a rather warm one here in Yorkshire.
The bright yellow bunting stretched across towns for the Tour de France has matched the glorious sunshine which has given us all a little glow.
We have managed to cram two little holidays into the last few weeks, one up to the dales for a couple of nights and another for the little ones first seaside trip.
Both were lovely; we managed to drive all across the dales, stopping in the beautiful little towns for tea and cake, and wandering through old buildings. We visited Ayesgarth falls which was stunning; so picturesque and picnic perfect; there are so many beautiful little villages to see full of inspiration.

The little one loved being near the river and spent every evening skimming stones with Daddy and trying to catch fish in his little net.

He is nearly two and we've only just got round to a seaside trip!
As expected he loved the beach and was in the sea faster than we could run.. 
We made sandcastles and paddled in the sea, 
used up far too many pennies in the penny machines
and of course headed to our favourite place, the Harbour Bar...
for waffles and ice cream.

 The sea air did us all some good and we came back full of sunshine and sugar...

We still have sand in our shoes




A boat themed birthday cake

Some pictures of the little ones first birthday  cake  last year.
 I can't believe he'll be two on Sunday.! 


The little lovely's first birthday cake has been featured on the Style My Party Blog where you can print off a free bunting template to pop on your own cake!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

A re-look at past up-cycles

Anyone who pops round to ours for a cuppa will notice I have a slight problem with starting various projects all at once... I can't resist a good upcycle, which leads to me hoarding lots of bits of furniture in our rather small house. Thankfully my husband doesn't seem to mind :)

This year I revamped my Grandma's old bar stools, they were covered in a rather nasty red plastic so I repainted the bottoms in a chalky greeny grey and then re-covered the top with some "Vintage" Laura Ashley fabric ( from an old pair of curtains I found for £2! )

I really love how they turned out- and I love that I have something that I remember struggling to climb onto for breakfast time at my Grandmas- its funny watching my little one trying to climb onto them now...

This week I've re-vamped another little piece of my Grandma's- a fold up table that she used for tea. It was covered in a sort of green plastic weave that had got rather dirty and was rather unstable- my mum said I was mad not to throw it away but I just don't have many things of hers and it really is perfect for afternoon tea! I couldn't find a sticky top that I liked so I decided to use a sample of some wallpaper and cover it in clear plastic to keep it clean..I painted the bottom cream and finished it with green edging

( I love that it doubles as a fire guard ! )

My favourite upcycle so far though had been the kitchen the tall boy and I made at Christmas for the little one from an old t.v cabinet. We had so much fun putting it together and collecting bits and bobs for it. Our families all bought him little appliances and wooden food to go with it, and he still loves it.

So to all you lovelies out there, give your old furniture some love, make do and mend; after all it's the creative bits of ourselves that make our little spaces into our homes.


Sunday, 1 June 2014

Hello June!

May has flown by and it's been a beautiful, busy month, filled with joy.
The little shop has been open one month today and taken its first orders. I have loved the feeling that goes  with people actually wanting to buy something that You have created. It's amazing to think that even in these difficult times, people are willing to spend their hard earned pennies on something pretty or a gift for a friend just to create a smile.

There's such a lovely community in the internet crafting world too, people are so supportive and never need asking twice to retweet or share your work. And there's always the kind comments that help you make it through the uncertain days, giving you that little boost when you need it.
I'm quite an old fashioned girl at heart, I love getting letters, looking at things in person, choosing the perfect item..but I can't deny that although it has many negatives, the internet is a great tool in connecting people. And in a world where so many people feel lonely and discouraged, it must be a good thing.

So whats next...June. I'm painting more, finding lots of lovely vintage pieces in the gorgeous old shops nearby and using the summer evenings as my creative backdrop. But this month I'm hoping to get on with my watercolours again...I'd like to do some little cards and framed pictures at first.
The designs are still in my jumbled up imagination but they're in the pipeline!
I'll be inspiration searching, and doing as much as I can while the little one sleeps...
He brings us so much joy, even though I love my art, I couldn't bear to waste a second of his waking moments anywhere else.



Wednesday, 28 May 2014


There's a lot of joy in creating.
The whole process of taking something and making it into something that you love is incredibly satisfying.
So being able to share it with others and turn it into your own little business is amazing!
I have always loved painting but am fairly new to painting on china. I started a few months ago as I loved the idea of being able to re-work lovely vintage pieces. I love beautiful china (just like my mum!) and have collected a lot since I got my own home. I love seeing pretty new pieces and finding inspiration everywhere I go. Since my sister bought me my first DSLR last summer, I'm usually found with my camera capturing the beautiful sights around our home.

Obviously I paint because I enjoy it, but when others enjoy my work it's great!
Recently I was honoured to be featured on a gorgeous blog "Tea in your twenties" by the lovely Stephanie, who purchased a teacup from my etsy shop for her friends birthday.
I am so glad she was happy with her "Gin" cup and my little teacup has found a lovely new home!
Stephanie was an absolute pleasure to deal with and I was so thrilled to be asked to feature on her blog.
It really is such a joy when people like your work, because each piece you send out really has a little bit of your heart and soul in!
Showing others your creative side means opening yourself up to criticism and rejection, but at the same time to a whole world of possibilities. And when you get such a lovely response it makes it very worthwhile.

Make yourself a nice cup of tea and pop over to Stephanie's blog...

Sally x


Monday, 26 May 2014

Quiet time

Some days it can be rather difficult to be creative.
And having a little person around you makes productive days few and far between.
It's hard to juggle such an important job with so many other tasks and still find time to find that quiet space where you can let yourself relax, and your mind wander.
I suppose becoming a mum has made me appreciate these times more than I ever would have.
It feels like a Blessing, and I'm sure it is, to be able to see the beauty in small things
and appreciate the most simple.



Sunday, 25 May 2014

May {A crafty week in photos}

Its been a busy week for me...!
The shop has had its first orders and I have been busy painting pretty new pieces as well as designing new business cards.
We've also managed to squeeze in a little holiday- just up to the dales for a few days- but it was lovely to just have time together and nothing else to worry about...
I think working at home can sometimes be more stressful as your work is always with you, and you feel the need to give it any free time you have! Although I don't think that's a bad thing, it can get tiring...and with social media, you're always available so it's great once in a while to escape.
We had lovely time adventuring, seeing beautiful villages, looking over the dales, sitting by the river and, or course, drinking tea. Chasing our little one gave us just enough to do and he loved being outside until it got dark and skimming stones with his daddy!
I'm back at my desk (or dining room table, at the moment!) this week, painting away while the little one naps... x


Saturday, 24 May 2014


Well my small shop finally opened on the first of May..
Although I realise this isn't a big deal online and it is so easy to open an Etsy store, to me it was. I have wanted to have my own crafty business for a long time.
A few years ago I baked from home, and set myself up taking orders. For a while was the in house cupcake baker at a cafe. 
I loved the freedom of working for yourself and the creative freedom it allowed. I still love baking cakes, although since we've had Tibs I spend more time eating them... Baking is a time consuming and delicate business, and I found that I just couldn't work it around being a mum. Especially when baking for someones special day conflicts with a poorly baby who just wants you to be his cuddly cushion for the day...
Now I'm getting the hang of being a mum, finding time to paint has been such a joy. I love being able to create things that I love, that I want to see or would display in my own home (and most of it is). There's no deadlines and I can create while drinking tea in my pj's.
Lovely... x


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Me and Mine January 2014

Ok we're a few days late again posting but here's us for January..
Our first Family picture of 2014

Another quick one before Dad went to work..
This one comes complete with two lamps (because you broke our only one in the lounge and I had to steal one from our bedroom);
Flossy (Mums rabbit from when she was little- which doesn't seem that long ago..) 
and general morning mess.

We almost look normal...!
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