Saturday, 24 May 2014


Well my small shop finally opened on the first of May..
Although I realise this isn't a big deal online and it is so easy to open an Etsy store, to me it was. I have wanted to have my own crafty business for a long time.
A few years ago I baked from home, and set myself up taking orders. For a while was the in house cupcake baker at a cafe. 
I loved the freedom of working for yourself and the creative freedom it allowed. I still love baking cakes, although since we've had Tibs I spend more time eating them... Baking is a time consuming and delicate business, and I found that I just couldn't work it around being a mum. Especially when baking for someones special day conflicts with a poorly baby who just wants you to be his cuddly cushion for the day...
Now I'm getting the hang of being a mum, finding time to paint has been such a joy. I love being able to create things that I love, that I want to see or would display in my own home (and most of it is). There's no deadlines and I can create while drinking tea in my pj's.
Lovely... x


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