Sunday, 25 May 2014

May {A crafty week in photos}

Its been a busy week for me...!
The shop has had its first orders and I have been busy painting pretty new pieces as well as designing new business cards.
We've also managed to squeeze in a little holiday- just up to the dales for a few days- but it was lovely to just have time together and nothing else to worry about...
I think working at home can sometimes be more stressful as your work is always with you, and you feel the need to give it any free time you have! Although I don't think that's a bad thing, it can get tiring...and with social media, you're always available so it's great once in a while to escape.
We had lovely time adventuring, seeing beautiful villages, looking over the dales, sitting by the river and, or course, drinking tea. Chasing our little one gave us just enough to do and he loved being outside until it got dark and skimming stones with his daddy!
I'm back at my desk (or dining room table, at the moment!) this week, painting away while the little one naps... x


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