Sunday, 1 June 2014

Hello June!

May has flown by and it's been a beautiful, busy month, filled with joy.
The little shop has been open one month today and taken its first orders. I have loved the feeling that goes  with people actually wanting to buy something that You have created. It's amazing to think that even in these difficult times, people are willing to spend their hard earned pennies on something pretty or a gift for a friend just to create a smile.

There's such a lovely community in the internet crafting world too, people are so supportive and never need asking twice to retweet or share your work. And there's always the kind comments that help you make it through the uncertain days, giving you that little boost when you need it.
I'm quite an old fashioned girl at heart, I love getting letters, looking at things in person, choosing the perfect item..but I can't deny that although it has many negatives, the internet is a great tool in connecting people. And in a world where so many people feel lonely and discouraged, it must be a good thing.

So whats next...June. I'm painting more, finding lots of lovely vintage pieces in the gorgeous old shops nearby and using the summer evenings as my creative backdrop. But this month I'm hoping to get on with my watercolours again...I'd like to do some little cards and framed pictures at first.
The designs are still in my jumbled up imagination but they're in the pipeline!
I'll be inspiration searching, and doing as much as I can while the little one sleeps...
He brings us so much joy, even though I love my art, I couldn't bear to waste a second of his waking moments anywhere else.


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