Thursday, 3 July 2014

A re-look at past up-cycles

Anyone who pops round to ours for a cuppa will notice I have a slight problem with starting various projects all at once... I can't resist a good upcycle, which leads to me hoarding lots of bits of furniture in our rather small house. Thankfully my husband doesn't seem to mind :)

This year I revamped my Grandma's old bar stools, they were covered in a rather nasty red plastic so I repainted the bottoms in a chalky greeny grey and then re-covered the top with some "Vintage" Laura Ashley fabric ( from an old pair of curtains I found for £2! )

I really love how they turned out- and I love that I have something that I remember struggling to climb onto for breakfast time at my Grandmas- its funny watching my little one trying to climb onto them now...

This week I've re-vamped another little piece of my Grandma's- a fold up table that she used for tea. It was covered in a sort of green plastic weave that had got rather dirty and was rather unstable- my mum said I was mad not to throw it away but I just don't have many things of hers and it really is perfect for afternoon tea! I couldn't find a sticky top that I liked so I decided to use a sample of some wallpaper and cover it in clear plastic to keep it clean..I painted the bottom cream and finished it with green edging

( I love that it doubles as a fire guard ! )

My favourite upcycle so far though had been the kitchen the tall boy and I made at Christmas for the little one from an old t.v cabinet. We had so much fun putting it together and collecting bits and bobs for it. Our families all bought him little appliances and wooden food to go with it, and he still loves it.

So to all you lovelies out there, give your old furniture some love, make do and mend; after all it's the creative bits of ourselves that make our little spaces into our homes.


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