Friday, 4 July 2014

So July is already here... June has been a busy month for us as well as a rather warm one here in Yorkshire.
The bright yellow bunting stretched across towns for the Tour de France has matched the glorious sunshine which has given us all a little glow.
We have managed to cram two little holidays into the last few weeks, one up to the dales for a couple of nights and another for the little ones first seaside trip.
Both were lovely; we managed to drive all across the dales, stopping in the beautiful little towns for tea and cake, and wandering through old buildings. We visited Ayesgarth falls which was stunning; so picturesque and picnic perfect; there are so many beautiful little villages to see full of inspiration.

The little one loved being near the river and spent every evening skimming stones with Daddy and trying to catch fish in his little net.

He is nearly two and we've only just got round to a seaside trip!
As expected he loved the beach and was in the sea faster than we could run.. 
We made sandcastles and paddled in the sea, 
used up far too many pennies in the penny machines
and of course headed to our favourite place, the Harbour Bar...
for waffles and ice cream.

 The sea air did us all some good and we came back full of sunshine and sugar...

We still have sand in our shoes




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