Friday, 31 July 2015

Bath Time

Since the evening started to get a lot lighter we've had a few cases of the "bath-time blues" here... 
the little guy usually loves a bath but recently as he's started to associate it with bed time and decided he doesn't like getting a wash (!) means it's become a bit of a struggle!
Despite explaining summer he still doesn't want to get a bath/into bed when it's still sunny out.
"But it's still morning mum!?!"
I realised we needed to get him back into enjoying a bath so I suggested his own little "bath bucket" which he was immediately set on.

I wanted something sturdy and also big enough to get enough of his bits and bobs in, I popped into our local Homebase and found this cream enamel trug in the gardening section and thought it would be perfect!
We then went into our local Morrisons to choose some bath time treats..

The little guy happily choose his own towel and flannel in his favourite colour - 
it had to be blue, and luckily they have a good range of colours in store!
Then we picked out some body wash and bubble bath.
I've always had a problem finding bath products for him as he has always had quite sensitive skin,  however we've never had a problem with the "Little Big" range.
As well as being kinder to skin it has soothing lavender and camomile in which is relaxing for everyone- 
always a bonus at the end of a busy day!
Although I don't like to use too many products on the little guys skin he loves a sprinkle of talcum powder and Johnsons keeps us all happy!
He choose himself a new sponge as well as a toothbrush and new toothpaste as he loves brushing his teeth...

The last thing that went into the bath time bucket was his little "Munchkin" duck which we bought when he was born- 
when you turn it over it has a colour indicator to tell you if the waters too warm for your baby.

He was very happy to head up to the bath- provided we made the most ridiculous amount of bubbles!


N.B This post has not been endorsed in any way by Homebase or Morrisons - I just happen to think their products are great.

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