Thursday, 30 July 2015

Summer Trifle Jars

A few weeks ago when the weather was being much nicer, the little guy and I put together these sweet summer trifle jars...

They are so simple to do and great for getting kids involved in creative cooking.
It also makes lovely use of the gorgeous strawberries and raspberries currently in season!
We love jelly in our house so there's rarely a time it's not in the cupboard...
Hence why the jelly to cream ratio is rather off too!

To make these we used some old jam jars and filled the bottom half with strawberry jelly; much fun was then had by the little one throwing in fresh raspberries and slices of strawberries! 
When the jelly was set I sliced a cupcake in half- as it fit pretty much perfectly as a little round sponge disc. 
Although I tend to make a lot of cupcakes, these where Morrisons own!
We then topped the sponge with cream which I whipped and added a little vanilla syrup and icing sugar to sweeten a little...
and topped with a cherry!



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