Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Peas and Potatoes

This year has been the first year the little one can actually get involved doing things outside for himself and help out in the garden; 
He will spend hours digging the allotment for worms, planting and watering the garden with the hose. 
He's always happy to come out and wander about while I cut the grass and gather up his toys.
I actually managed to grow some potatoes this year so last week we all went out to dig them up;
he loved finding little potatoes in the soil and decided it was a treasure hunt!
It was so lovely seeing him so joyful over something so simple.

I also love getting him involved with little jobs in the house; Its important to me that he learns how look after things and enjoys making and creating in our home. 
I think family life is all about working together and sharing with each other - even small things.
 I always try to involve him in cooking, 
I've had him watching me bake since he was little enough to put in a sling and now he really loves putting his little apron on and throwing ingredients around.

Whenever I'm cooking I gave him a job to do like washing vegetables or peeling a potato (with a plastic knife of course!); 
but one of his favourite jobs this summer has been podding peas. 
He loves peas anyway but he'll sit popping them out of their shells for ages and then when they're cooked he'll announce proudly that he's made the tea and ensure we all eat them all!

What do everyday tasks do your little ones enjoy doing?



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