Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Tala Utility Range

I'm sure most of you are familiar with Tala products
As a brand that has been around for over one hundred years at some point most of us have come across their bakeware or kitchen products;
be it in our own Grandmothers or Mothers kitchen or the familiar blue and white packaged kitchen necessitates found in any good store that sells homewares.
I remember bits and bobs that my grandmother had in her kitchen which bore the signature Tala name  but I became more acquainted with their products as a teenager when I worked in a department store in the home and kitchenware section.
One of my weekly tasks was to re-stock, tidy and organise the large section we had of Tala products.
As many people came so purposefully into the store to purchase from their range I often wondered why, these days most supermarkets sell kitchen items- why go to the trouble?
As I started to learn more about baking and cooking, from getting my own home and becoming a mother, I can understand the value of the trust that is built up by companies like Tala.
From the way each of their products are made using traditional methods, most finished by hand, to the way their original icing syringe from the 1920's will still work with their nozzles made today;
this company has worked hard on creating items that last, building that level of trust with their customers and maintaining their traditional values.
So, last month when Tala contacted me to ask if I'd like to review their new Utility Range I was rather pleased indeed and of course said yes!

Many people know Tala from their baking items such as their iconic Cooks Measure but they also have a beautiful range of  Household and Cleaning products and have done for many years.
Their new range of utility products is exactly what you would expect from this great company;
stylish yet traditional, simple in design, and very well made.

They were kind enough to send me a little box of kitchen items;
a vegetable brush, a dish brush, some polka dot gloves, a soap dish and a bar of their olive oil soap.
I have included some of my own enamel ware and kitchen products in this little shoot to show how well Tala's range fits in.

This sturdy little vegetable brush has hard and soft bristles on each side-
Although so many vegetables are washed and packed these days, many people, including myself, are turning back to source local and organic produce, which most of the time is unwashed. 
I have been looking for a vegetable brush for a while now and have a feeling more people could use one of these!

This wooden dish brush is perfect- it feels so well made and the colour is beautiful.
I never thought I'd feel so happy looking at the washing up bowl-
The rubber gloves certainly brighten up cleaning time too!

The enamel soap dish is great for keeping sink-side;
it's heavier than it looks making it feel much less likely to clatter off.
The soap smells wonderful; not over-bearing and is made with natural ingredients.
I love any products with olive oil in for its moisturising and protective qualities.

I can honestly say the quality of each of the products I was asked to review was simply excellent.
From the materials used to the traditional design.
I would definitely count myself among those who seek out such well made products in the hope that they will last, become part of our home and maybe even one day get passed on, as our children make their own homes

I am very grateful to Tala for supplying me with such beautiful products and collaborating with me on this post.
They are a wonderful company to work with and I look forward to seeing their brand go from strength to strength.

If you haven't popped over to the Tala website- go now and have a look at their gorgeous range;
you wont be disappointed.


N.B All opinions are my own 


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