Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Bumps, Bake Off & Back to Blogging

Hello again!

I've had a rather long break from blogging...

In September we found out the exciting news that we were expecting baby number two and although the first few weeks seemed to sail by after a while the old morning sickness and general fatigue settled in. I was so disappointed to have to stop doing bake off lovelies but typically (!) the thought and sight of cake seemed to make me feel worse! Although no where near as bad as my first little one, I was kept off my feet with continual nausea until the end of November and although I have my bad days generally this time around is proving to be a lot easier; or as easy as it can be with another small person to chase after all day!


 I'm pleased to be feeling a lot more energetic now I'm well into the second (almost third) trimester and I literally can't wait to meet the newest member of our little gang. We found out just before Christmas that we will be having a sweet baby boy and although I'm going to be outnumbered I can't wait to see our boys together and the bond they'll share.

We've had a long break over Christmas and coming into the new year and I'm eager now to get everything ready for our new arrival (especially the boys room!) and spend more time on my little blog...

I'm hoping to do some more mum style posts soon; despite being absent for a while some wonderful blogging opportunities have come my way and I'm excited to share with you some new collaborations in the coming months.

Hope you'll stick around 


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