Monday, 29 February 2016

A Room for the Boys

With our newest addition arriving in a matter of weeks now I'm trying to put together some ideas for the boys new shared bedroom (that sounds so strange!)
Usually I would have been on the case from seeing that little blue line but several issues including a leaky roof have meant holding off on the decorating.
But with the wheels being in motion for the roof replacing and Joe due to have some time off it seems like we need to get started, finally!
The last few weeks have been difficult pregnancy-wise as unfortunately I've developed sciatica and SPD this time around which makes doing anything a bit tricky including walking;
The physiotherapist has been really good though and as well as lots of bump bandages and a belt I've now got some snazzy crutches to help me about!
Joe is planning to get started on the painting next week hopefully and as I can't do much in the way of decorating and furniture building I'm getting on with the smaller tasks of up-cyling some little bits of furniture and picking out some lovely things for their shared space.
I'd like it to be spacious and airy but with lots of bright colours;
The little guy loves lego so we're planning on making him a table where he can keep it out with storage underneath.
The general theme I'm sticking to is organised and colourful!
So with that in mind here are some ideas and favourite shops...
I love this shelving idea and will definitely be recreating; 
I know it's a popular shelf hack but its such a good idea! It's perfect for creating a reading nook or displaying little toys-probably Lego in our case...
I've already seen some at Homebase which look perfect for this use.
I love these little felt ball garlands to add more colour to the walls which will probably be white; There are so many great shops online which make these unless I decide to give them a go myself!

Dotcomgiftshop have a gorgeous childrens range including these colourful cushions.
I'm planning to make a long seat on top of some drawers and put lots of cushions on to make it nice and comfy. 
These would look so cute!
Farg Form design some super stylish products - This cloud design is so cute on everything but I love this changing mat!
This one is available through This Modern Life which has an amazing range of products for children's rooms and is great for inspiration too.
Again this is from the Dotcomgiftshop - perfect for hanging up little coats and bags and looks lovely and colourful!
I love this poster by Little Baby Company.
This is a special quote in our home and I'd love for the boys to have this reminder on their wall
Again these little nesting dolls are from the Little Baby Company;
They look so cute and little guy keeps asking for some of these.
I think he'd love them in these bright colours.
We have so many wooden colourful toys but he really does love them!

This Clouds rug by The Great Little Trading Company looks perfect for playing on and lovely and soft;
I literally love all of their children's things!

If you know any great shops for kids drop me a comment!
I can't wit to get started

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