Thursday, 18 February 2016

Changing Bag Choices

With only around ten weeks to go until we meet our second little guy it suddenly feels like we should be more ready than we are!
Obviously we've got a lot stored away from the first time around but there are a few essentials that are on my list to sort out sooner rather than later.
I am somewhat of a pram addict and our our first little one has had quite a few... 
To be fair he did grow out of them quickly so it was sort of necessary!
My other baby addiction is changing bags;
I've found that generally one bag doesn't suit all occasions; I've also learned through trial and error the importance of bag shape, fabric and compartments which make life easier when you're searching for wet wipes in a hurry or keys whilst balancing an unhappy toddler on one arm and shopping in the other!
Saying all that, to me a good bag should still look good and hopefully not have a huge price tag.
I have been having a look around this morning at a few and have managed to narrow down my favourites. As well as loving the designs of these I'm also swayed by some of the discounts I've been sent via Bounty- but I'm still struggling to decide!

I think the Pink Lining Changing bags are on most people's wish list- The designs are so vibrant and they always receive great reviews for being functional as well as very pretty!
Inside there are pockets for everything a mum needs day to day with a hot pink water resistant lining; the handles attach easily to your pram or pushchair and the outer fabric has a wipe clean coating - one of the only reasons you would put such a light fabric on a changing bag.
I love this design!

The style of this Storksak Noa in Navy is just gorgeous. 
Amongst its brilliant features such as its wipe clean canvas fabric, stylish design, leather handles and insulated bottle compartments, it comes with this brilliant mini organiser bag which fits inside. This is such a great feature as it keeps everything super organised inside the bag and can be lifted out so you can easily get to supplies when needed.
There are so many changing bags out there but I don't often see such beautiful Changing Rucksacks!
Once again Cath Kidston have brought out a stunning new floral range but haven't left us mums out.
This would be perfect for summer days out with the boys but I can imagine using this way beyond the changing years...

This Skip Hop Duo bag has nine pockets including two insulated pockets and one personal zip pouch.
I love this simple design, and of course that the fabric is wipe clean. It looks huge inside and seems to be able to fit a lot of baby gear inside. The shape of it is lovely too.
So those are my favourites so far..
What is your changing bag of choice?
Any help would be appreciated!




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