Thursday, 18 February 2016

Finding Old Treasures

Although I try not to collect things I really love finding old treasures that have been part of people's lives and have survived over the years. 
My lovely mum in law brought me back a set of traditional weighing scales when they went to a world war two revival in Kent which to me are beautiful -they have pride of place on my dresser.
They will have been part of someone's kitchen through the war and cared for enough to still be complete and usable today.
It's strange how things can almost tell a story about the person who owned them.

I have been known to go on about my love of Tala Products on this blog before;
Their beautiful kitchen, home and baking products have become British icons and I love how their traditional values go into each piece that they make.
A couple of weeks ago my very thoughtful mum gifted me this wonderful charity shop find and I couldn't help but get excited to see inside the box!
For a start I couldn't believe the condition of the actual box considering how old it must be;
from my research I believe these were made by Tala in the 1950's and early 60's.
Amazingly when I looked inside not only was the whole set in beautiful condition but it had an extra nozzle and two little books.
The little pink tray holds the icing syringe and its nozzles and also doubles as a turn table to place your cake on whilst icing.
It is obvious that someone not only actually used this set often but treasured it; going to the trouble of keeping it all together in its original box and buying extra nozzles for it.
It is still in perfect working order and although there are little hand marks on it, no sign of rust anywhere.The nozzles fit perfectly and some are still very shiny.
I love the details in the icing book by Anne Anson;
It shows all types of different icing and even has a shopping list.
I'd be interested to find out more about Anne and why she was chosen by Tala!
This little catalogue has a selection of Tala products in; 
I like the detail it goes into about each product whilst keeping it light hearted!
I think it really does testament to the quality of Tala and how people will always love products that are designed well and made with care.
In our day and age so many things are made cheaply and designed to be disposable;
great companies make products that will stand the test of time and become part of our homes and memories.
I love that this little box has found its way into our home where it will be well loved again and hopefully passed on one day to my own children.
Do you have any special products that have been handed on to you ?



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