Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Blooming Lovely!

One of the things I've noticed in this second pregnancy is the amount of time I actually spend focusing on being pregnant and connecting with our growing little one.
I think with a first baby you have that time to spend on yourself and are much more aware of how your body is changing. Having a younger child to look after means I am generally busy throughout the day making sure he is happy, fed and watered as well as keeping on top on housework, blogging and doing other things during the day.
While I don't believe that not having enough "bump time" is damaging to a growing child I do think on an emotional and spiritual level connecting with your baby is really important.
As a mum our body goes through so many changes during pregnancy on top of which the more unpleasant symptoms can often leave us feeling tired, sad and sometimes wondering what we were thinking?!
But at the heart of our weary bodies there is a tiny life growing determinedly; It is a beautiful and miraculous thing, one which I never take for granted. Our bodies can do amazing things but being able to create new life has to be the most incredible.
I always pray for my baby, that he grows healthy and strong and knows how much he is loved already; for me keeping it in my heart and mind that this baby is such a blessing to us and remembering it is a gift that so many for some reason cannot receive stops me from getting too upset about the daily pregnancy niggles.
There are a lot of suggestions as to how you can connect with your baby when pregnant;
reading to your baby, listening to gentle music or just having quiet time together are a few I found on different sites.
I think when you have other children it's also important for them to share in making that connection with their sibling before they are born and being made to feel like they are involved.
Our little guy likes to hug and kiss the bump and will talk about his brother being "his" baby which is so cute!
When Blooming Lovely asked me if I would like to try one of their Mexican Bola necklaces I was more than happy;
I hadn't heard of chiming necklaces before I came across their site but loved the idea straight away.
Laura, who runs the company, was inspired by her own journey into motherhood and the story of the Mexican Bola to create these stunning necklaces for mummy's to be.
This ancient tradition originated in the Mexican tribes where the Bola's (Spanish for "Ball") were worn by pregnant women to calm their babies and help them to bond;
They are also sometimes called "Angel Callers" as they were believed to summon the child's guardian angel; something I loved sharing with our little one as he loves to talk about Angels!

The necklaces are composed of a pendant or "Bola" on a long chain; the Bola holds a tiny chime within which tinkles gently against your growing bump as you move about.
The soft chimes can be heard by the baby in the womb which is said to relax them; the same way hearing their mothers voice or other familiar sounds will.
After the baby is born it can be used to soothe while sleeping or feeding as they recognise the sound. It is similar to very quiet wind chimes and during the day as you go about the sound is a soft reminder of your baby and helps you to bond throughout your pregnancy.
When I started looking at the Blooming Lovely range I hard a hard time deciding on which pendant to choose;
The Bolas come in five designs but there is also a choice of chains, including beautiful liberty fabrics for your Bola to hang on.
After a while trying to decide I enlisted the help of my little guy, who picked the heart shaped Bola. When I asked him why he simply said "Because we love each other?!" in a very obvious way.
On that adorable note I had to choose the heart.
I love that we have this little story now about how he choose the necklace!
This week my Blooming Lovely parcel arrived, beautifully and carefully wrapped, with its own little cotton bag and a card about the tradition.
I loved it and immediately started wearing it.
I was curious as to how loud the chimes would be but they really are very gentle- I find them quite relaxing myself!
The chain is quite long so the Bola hangs low over the bump, and is heavy enough to not fly all over while you're doing things.
The little guy loves making the chimes ring and seeing his brother respond with bumps and kicks.
Most mums wear their Bolas post birth as something for their baby to look at whilst feeding or to listen to as they drift off to sleep while being held.
The designs are simple enough to be worn with anything and have been spotted on quite a few stylish celeb mums including Giovanna Fletcher and Frankie Bridge.

The tradition of the Bola, to me, is so wonderful as it is an ancient love story of mothers connecting with their children and marvelling at the amazing process that we go through as women carrying new life.
Another part of the tradition I discovered was that the Bola is supposed to be handed on from mothers to daughters as they embark on their own pregnancy journey;
I love the idea of one day being able to pass this onto my own daughter- or daughter in law if we keep having boys!
With the quality and care the Bolas are made with I can see it lasting a long time.
Blooming Lovely Bola's really are blooming lovely!
They would make a wonderful gift for any expectant mum and are a beautiful keepsake for years to come.

I know I will be treasuring mine.



N.B Blooming Lovely Jewellery very kindly sent me one of their Mexican Bola's however all opinions are entirely my own.
I also feel like I should point out that the Bola's are not to be given to children, only played with while mum is wearing and should not be worn while sleeping!


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

My Essentials - The Third Trimester

With the exception of the first trimester which for me usually involves a lot of nausea and/or sickness for me the next difficult stage of pregnancy is the last few weeks.
I'm now 35 weeks and this last part has brought old and new difficulties that I'm sure most mums have experienced.
Simple tasks have become very hard and things that were possible before are now out of the question with a large bump; painting your toenails, getting out of the bath easily, picking up bits of Lego...etc...!
As I've really been struggling with SPD and Sciatica pain in the last few weeks and now have to rely on crutches when leaving the house (!), I can barely even manage to do the small things you expect to be able to do in the last few weeks like little bits of cleaning, ironing or even sitting at a desk for too long! I have good days where I get more things done but it is getting harder as the days go by. I'm trying to get some rest while I can and relax on an evening with a good Netflix box-set, doing some writing or reading my favourite mum blog's to keep me sane for now!

I thought I'd share a few of my mum essentials for this last stretch of pregnancy that I tend to have near me every day- I'd love to hear what helped or is helping you in your pregnancy journey...

1. Organic Coconut Oil- I know everyone is raving about coconut oil these days but it really is great stuff- I've had this huge tub for a long time and it is the best for moisturising the bump, as well as softening dry lips, massaging tired feet, oil-pulling (if toothpaste is making you feel sick!) and using instead of normal oils when cooking. I also used it on the little guys skin when he had dry skin and everything else was irritating his skin. If you haven't got any it really is worth keeping in the cupboard.

2. Tablet- These are such handy gadgets. So easy to keep in your bag and just big enough to make viewing easier. I keep mine nearby to watch my favourite netflix shows on if I'm stuck in bed or to read my favourite blogs. Some of mine are Mummydaddyme , Allofmydayswithyou, Dearbeautiful and Ohsoamelia.
Obviously it's also great for browsing baby buys as I can't make it around the shops these days!

3. Skechers Go Walk- I bought these last summer and they are seriously the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. The memory foam insoles are like walking on clouds and they are incredibly light. 
As well as being super comfy they can be thrown in the washing machine and come out looking perfect. I got mine from Very who have a great range on-line.
I think I may be treating myself to the trainers this summer...

4. Leggings- I'm pretty sure most pregnant mamas live in leggings at least 90% of the time. They are just so easy to get on and really comfortable. On top of which they are much less pricey than maternity jeans and can generally be worn after pregnancy 
They've been my wardrobe staple for the last few months, along with long vests! I love Sainsbury's Tu Range as they come in packs of two and Very do some lovely soft ones too.

5. Pillows- I tend to have a pillow nearby wherever I am in the house these days- I have really bad back/leg pain and find it difficult to sit comfortably at all. In bed I have a ridiculous amount of pillows around myself- thankfully I have a very understanding husband who sleeps hanging off one side most nights as I take up the whole bed!

6. Juice- I have a serious Orange juice craving but I am a little addicted to Volvic juiced. I don't know what they put in it (Probably just orange dilute and sugar.) but ice cold out of the fridge I can drink a full bottle in one go.
Its been the only thing I could stomach some days due to feeling sick or having awful heartburn.
If I spot it in the shop usually grab several bottles, it must be popular as the shelf is always empty!

7. Gaviscon- I think I may be the reason for a sudden sales increase of Gaviscon as I seem to go through that many bottles of it. I have it on repeat prescription now thankfully but I still have to grab a bottle from the shop if I can't get to the chemist! I had awful heartburn with my first pregnancy and it has reared its ugly head this time around too. I never would have believed it to be so unbelievably unpleasant but it really is. It's so uncomfortable and makes you feel sick morning and night. 
This stuff really does help though as well as icy drinks to take the edge off.
Despite all my heartburn the little guy was born with only peach fuzz hair so I'm not convinced by the old wives tales!

8. Large Tube Bandage- When I had my first appointment with the hospital Physio she gave me a couple of these tubular bandages to wear over my bump for extra support; I've found it to help a lot with my back and bump ache and have to keep it on all day.
I also wear it with a special elasticated belt which helps with the SPD when walking around.
How glamorous is pregnancy?!?

9. Spatone- My iron is usually low but more so during pregnancy when I just feel exhausted as soon as I get up. I love Spatone as it is so easy to take and you can double up on sachets safely when pregnant without having to worry about it upsetting your stomach.
They actually put a little sample in Bounty packs now that you get given at your first midwife visit.
I always have some in the cupboard and some in my bag just in case I forget to take it.

So those are a few of my daily essentials
is there anything you can't live without in the last trimester??



Friday, 18 March 2016

The Pram Diaries

So in the last few weeks I decided to share my thoughts on some of the many pushchairs we have already had for our little one.
There's something about prams and pushchairs that I am totally addicted to!
I love browsing the latest designs and seeing how they compare-
I realise a lot of people may think a chair is a chair but not to me!
Once you have a child you realise the importance of the small things which make your day to day life easier when looking after a small person and when you use a pushchair often if there is no shopping basket, a lack of stability or an uncomfortable seat it really does make all the difference.
The most important thing for me is that the chair is comfortable for your child;
to me that means things such as a well designed seat or cot that is spacious and cosy and good suspension so that it doesn't rattle around while your little one is sleeping.
It doesn't need to be the most expensive; more money may mean trendy designs but not necessarily comfort or ease of use.
After the Stokke I looked around at another prams and immediately liked the Petite Star Kurvi Match+
As the little guy was not walking yet and still taking long naps in the day I wanted something comfortable enough for him to sleep in as well as easy to use going into town and able to carry all the important necessities needed when taking out a baby.

The Petite Star Kurvi Match Plus +

When the Kurvi Arrived I was surprised at the size of the box which was surprisingly small;
it was very easy to assemble and noticeably lightweight.
The Kurvi was both a pram and pushchair in that the seat when unclipped underneath, turned into a cot- a feature I loved.
The Kurvi really was everything you needed in a pram/pushchair;
As well as having adapters included which enabled you to attach a car seat if you wished, it came with a soft fleece lined foot muff, rain cover, apron, padded liner, chest pads and head hugger, and a changing bag!
At an RRP of £325 to me it was pretty good value for money.
The fabric was a soft woven type, I chose purple but it came in a choice of several other bright colours.
The seat faced both ways and was lovely and soft inside; it was well padded, of a good height and depth, and had multiple reclining positions. 
One of my favourite features was the huge hood which could be extended by un-zipping it at the top, it gave the baby great shade and he looked so cosy inside!
If he fell asleep while we were out it was so easy to simply recline it and unclip the bottom to turn it into a cot.
The bar on the seat could be removed completely and the shopping basket underneath was really generous in size.
The lightweight frame made it easy to lift in and out of the car and over kerbs or onto public transport. It could also be folded with the seat on.
The handle bar was foam covered and extendible- which was great for when dad was pushing the little one.
It really was very smooth to push; the only time I noticed it being more difficult was over rough terrain- this really was more of an urban chair rather than one for countryside walks over stony paths.
There were few cons to this pramette, for me one was that the wheels were made out of a type of foam material that dented easily and as they weren't very thick it was quite noticeable.
The only other issue I had with the Kurvi was that as the material was woven it was easy to split which is what happened with the foot-muff unfortunately!
However it really was a great little pushchair and one I received many compliments on.
Sadly the brake on one side started to fail and it did have to be returned;
by this point it was no longer in stock and couldn't be replaced.
I have had a look and it seems that Petite Star are no longer trading sadly however I wanted to include this chair for anyone looking at Pramette style chairs; 
It isn't something I would have chosen at first but now am definitely looking into this style of chair again for our new arrival. I think the ease of being able to use one chair from birth is such a great feature and more cost effective than having a separate cot and seat.

As we couldn't have the Kurvi back and the little guy was still growing I started looking for something we could take further afield and was a bit roomier for my beanstalk boy...!


N.B All opinions are my own

Thursday, 17 March 2016

A Baking Day with Dad

The last few weeks have been busy;
we have been decorating the boys room as well as doing a general clear out in the house and sorting through everything baby related.
On top of which I haven't been able to go far having sciatica problems and the weather has been freezing!
It's been quite boring for us all and especially for the little guy who loves getting outside in the fresh air but he's been so good and helpful at home.
So this week as Joe had some time off work he decided to do some baking with him;
I really love watching these two do projects together;
the little guy takes things very seriously but likes to get fully involved with whatever he's doing whether it's building Lego or fixing a bike. He can't help but get his hands straight into the box/mixture so it can be tricky to get organised..!
He absolutely loves baking and will usually drop whatever he's doing to make something with us;
I love that he enjoys being in the kitchen and being creative.
We love sharing our favourite recipes on here and as Easter is approaching there's a lot of inspiration about.
After bouncing around a few ideas about for an Easter recipe Joe headed off to the shop for supplies with the little guy and returned with bags full of chocolate, eggs and other treats for their day of baking.

 Joe is a much more methodical, organised baker than me;
I tend to play about with ingredients and forget to add things.
I know he had a perfect idea in his head, but for some reason... everything just kept going wrong.
Chocolate kept splitting, the little guy decided to create his own recipe throwing biscuits and eggs everywhere and there may have been more ingredients eaten than went into the bowl itself...
There was several trips to the shop, a lot of wasted chocolate and a large pile of washing up.
In the end they put together everything that was left and hoped for the best.

When I looked in the fridge this morning I couldn't help but smile; 
No it's not a pinterest perfect recipe (or even a recipe at all probably)
But its the product of a dad and his boy spending time together.
It's wonky and messy but was created out of a lot of patience (and chocolate), 
a dad who loves being with his boy and a boy who loves being with his Daddy (and eating chocolate eggs)
Despite creating chaos in the kitchen my two boys also created some precious memories that I will always treasure
( And something so seriously sweet even I can't finish a whole slice!)

And here's the product of all that chocolate...
Biscuity-Marshmallow-White chocolate-Mini egg-Rocky road-Tiffin-Slice.

In the middle of all our busyness and day to day life, I think we all need to make  time to just create something with our families.
Some fun, some memories or some crazy messy biscuits;
To encourage our kids to get into the garden or the kitchen and just enjoy doing simple things together. It won't always be picture perfect because people aren't perfect but there's still always loveliness to be found.
I really believe the best memories are made in the everyday ordinary moments, and the things we do to make those little moments happy for each other.

I hope you all get time to enjoy some carefree, beautiful, ordinary moments over these next few weeks of Easter and cherish each moment with your loved ones


Thursday, 10 March 2016

The Pram Diaries

It's fair to say our little guy has been through his share of prams;
For a start I just love them and the whole process of choosing one, for another our little guy wasn't so little when he was born and has continued to grow at the rate of a beanstalk so he did tend to grow out of each pram/pushchair very quickly. 
The height of standard chairs were just not high enough leaving him with little head space and difficulties when reclining certain chairs;
 If he fell asleep as his neck would be crooked or his legs hanging over!
Having said that we've had some really great pushchairs which despite not fitting him for long I have found to be great in other aspects and would recommend to other mums.
I thought I'd share some of the ones we've had and my thoughts in the hope it might help one or two of you-
(I know mum blogs are the first places I start when I want honest opinions!)

The Stokke
The Stokke was my first choice when I found out I was expecting first time round.
I loved the design and Stokke's ethos on having baby higher up which protected them from car fumes, made them less vulnerable than at a lower level, give them the ability to connect at eye level to promote connection and gave them a better view of their world.
 Stokke's are at the higher end of most people's pushchair budget and once you have added the carry-cot for use from birth and other accessories the bill soon adds up.
I was happy to purchase our second-hand and managed to find a very reasonably priced V2 model in black.
I think Stokke's really are set apart from other prams in terms of having such eye catching designs and ingenuity.
As well as being smooth to push and great for taller people like my husband, it is simple to put up and down, easy to recline and has a very tidy looking hard bag that sits on a plate at the front.
(This is the newer carry-cot model for the Xplory)

The Xplory has a separate cot for use from birth; the seat can be used from 6 months and faces both ways. It is also possible to use the maxi-Cosi Car Seat on the Xplory with the use of adapters.
The seat moves up and down the pole which is a great feature that I haven't found in any other pram.
The pros are numerous with the Xplory; the height of the seat being the main one, it's wonderful to be able to see your baby and be able to engage with them at that level, and for a very curious baby like ours was, he loved being able to see everything and feel so involved.
The bag on the front held a lot of shopping and was easy to wipe clean;
The handle bar was really wide and made it easy to steer;
The fabrics are washable and changeable between different colours;
It has a sturdy little cup holder which attaches to the handle bar;
The foot plate extends well for little legs to rest on and the wishbone shape of the bottom meant my tall husband could use it without hitting the bottom of the chair when he walked.
The handle bar's position can also be changed as well as being made taller and shorter- another feature my husband liked!

The only cons of the Xplory for me were that it was difficult to get onto public transport due to the low foot plate if you were on your own and was wobbly if going over rough terrain which was inevitable with such a high seat; saying that for me it felt stable and the weight evenly distributed enough to avoid it toppling over altogether.
The actual seat could also have done to be a little wider- as you can see above, with his little snow suit on it was a bit squashed in there. I'm not sure whether the newer Stokke's have wider seats.
(N.B As you can see I used pram clips to attach my changing bag to the handle although I believe Stokke do not recommend hanging anything from the bars!)

 Stokke are an impressive company as they really do seem to put serious thought into their pushchairs. Since I had the V2 over three years ago they have released the Xplory (Evo), The Crusi, The Scoot and The Trailz; Each one with different features depending on their terrain use.
Joe and I both loved the Xplory but when the little guy got to around seven months he was getting tall for it and it seemed like a good time to change...

I'll be sharing my thoughts on our other prams soon!

N.B Post not endorsed in any way by Stokke - All opinions are my own

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Nathalie Bond Organics

I mentioned in an earlier post that I did about Wishwant's gorgeous gift selection that I had chosen myself a little Mums day treat, and yesterday it arrived on my doorstep!
As soon as I opened the box the beautiful smell wafted out...
I chose to treat myself to a Candle by Nathalie Bond Organics;
After having a little read about the company I was impressed by the process that goes into creating her lovely products and values of this Sheffield based company.
All of Nathalie's skincare and candle range is made using raw, organic plant materials which contain no synthetic chemicals and aren't tested on animals.
As a mum, any products you don't have to worry about being full of nasties around your little ones is always a winner and its wonderful to know that the product you are buying has been created with care and respect towards nature.
It's a great reason to support independent business owners knowing the effort and attention which goes into the products that they make.

I tend not to buy too many scented candles as I often find them over bearing and heavy;
So I was looking forward to this arriving and seeing how it fared against normal scented candles.
Plus I love anything containing Rose so this did sway me!
The candle was packaged so beautifully, I love the simple design of the box and lettering on the pink label (Yes, I do love pretty boxes!) 
The candle is a lovely size (230g) and burns for 50 hours.
So how does it smell?
Like a mixture of Turkish Delight with fresh roses and geraniums.
The Rose is definitely the major note in this combination, on the whole it has a slightly sweet smell but then a beautifully fresh floral scent behind it that stops it from being heavy and lifts it into spring time.
I love how it is not overbearing and doesn't overpower the room with fragrance.
I love my Nathalie Bond candle- it has been the perfect treat.
I will be saving this to light when I get some relaxing mum time over the next few months;
Until then it is making my living room smell perfectly spring-y!
Do head over to Nathalie's blog and shop to read more about her beautiful products, and maybe
treat yourself, 
you deserve it Mama!


NB Post not endorsed in any way by Nathalie Bond Organics

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Mother's Day Treats from Wishwant

Wishwant were kind enough to send me a little treat code to try out their gift giving service, and with it being mother's day soon, (and to do a thorough review of course!) I decided to try it out on myself
( well I am a mum...!)

Wishwant giving is the new way to give a gift.
The buyer decides how much they would like to spend then chooses a selection of gifts from Wishwant's lovely range that they think their receiver would like.
A booklet is then sent to them to choose their gift from.
For each item you choose you can add a little note about why you think they would like it as well as choosing a pretty cover for the booklet.
The  receiver then uses a special code inside the booklet to redeem their gift which is posted out to them.
It really is a unique way of getting someone a gift;
You are able to put thought into choosing different things that they'd like and they get to pick something they want.
The first part of the process is to choose the price of your gift which can be from £15 to £150;
You then pick a cover for your booklet which best matches the occasion, or you just like the look of!
(I choose this cute Cupcake design of course)

After you have spent some time choosing from a host of luxurious gifts to add to your book (you can choose up to 12) and added your own special notes for each item, it is ready to send!
You can have the booklet delivered in a printed format but I chose to have it sent as an email;
It pinged into my inbox in no time at all ready for me to choose my treat from!

There is a great range of gifts with something suitable for everyone, whether they're into jewellery, coffee drinking, experience days or just lovely stationary.

I have put together my favourites just in time for some Mother's day inspiration.

1. I love the simple but elegant design of this pretty Gold Bangle - Easy to wear for everyday mum style
2. The Rose cleansing Bar from Lolas Apothecary looks gorgeous-
I love anything with Rose in it and that it comes in this special little tin.
3. Mum's hands could always use some TLC and Crabtree & Evelyn make such gorgeous hand creams. This is ultra moisturising and perfect to keep in your handbag/the changing bag!
4. This eye serum by the Rose Tree looks wonderful for tired eyes after a late night party with a little one
5. A cute caterpillar vase by White Mint is perfect for those little spring blooms
6. The Sloan Stationary Notebook looks perfect late night epiphanies and general thoughts-
Because the best ideas seem to pop up at 2am...
7. Some posh tea time treats by Fossier Biscuits just for Mother's day- (or nap time.)
8. Rose Geranium Candle by Natalie Bond Organics -Perfect for a bit of relaxing mum time!
9. This Honeydew Desk pad by Holly's House is great for keeping on track for busy mums-
I love this colourful spring design.

Even though it was for myself (!) I did enjoy the process of choosing the gifts and reading about the companies that make them;
Each item seems to have been chosen with care and I like that there is a good choice but not too much to become overwhelming.
Putting the book together from start to finish was straightforward and very simple. 
I'd definitely use Wishwant as a gift giving option in future and can think of several people who would enjoy the novelty of choosing their own gift.
Altogether Wishwant manages to make gift buying an enjoyable process which for me is great as I'm terrible at choosing gifts and tend to dread it!

I'll be posting again a review of my mum treat when it arrives!
If you're stuck for gift ideas this Mothers day - or any other day!-
Pop over to their site and give it a try

N.B Wishwant kindly sent me a treat code to try out their site however all opinions are my own.


Today is the first of March and spring seems to be finally on its way.
Despite the cold breeze there are already the first signs of pink and white blossom on the trees and the crocus are tentatively emerging from their frosty beds.
I think this has to be my favourite time of year;
everything in nature is about hope; the hope of warmer days and lighter evenings,
the hope of plants beginning to grow and the signs of new life from lambs to baby chicks.
Easter is just around the corner reminding us of the promise of life and bringing the sense of anticipation of something wonderful.
I suppose I'm feeling reflective as we are waiting hopefully for our new little arrival joining us in April. 
The signs of new beginnings around us are running parallel with our own life at the moment and I feel so excited with each day that we move closer to sharing our life with this new person...
I've felt a little emotional about it recently;
In the last few years we have muddled through hard days as as a new family; 
It feels like it has taken so much from us to set ourselves up as parents.
We call ourselves a team though because that's what we are;
Every bit of this journey we have been through together and it has been scary and beautiful, sometimes at the same time!
Our little guy has been at our side as we got to grips with everything that comes with starting a family, 
while he's been learning we have been learning right alongside him.
Now that we have arrived at this place where we all feel ready to make a new little person a part of our gang, and have been blessed enough to be given the chance again, it almost feels like the end of an era for us.
We wont be just three any more. And while it makes me shed a tear every now and then it isn't sadness. I just feel so proud of my little family, I love seeing the daddy my husband has grown into and seeing the proper boy our little lovely is becoming.
I couldn't of imagined the joy I'd feel being a mother; some days I didn't think it was possible to do anything other than worry!
Its a strange, bitter-sweet experience but one I wouldn't change for the world.
I've loved this journey and I'm so grateful for every part of it.
It's been amazing to experience pregnancy second time around. With the experience we already have of doing it all before it's been a lot more relaxed. While there's been differences between the two, having gone through one pregnancy made this one easier to embrace. 
I was so apprehensive to go though it all again after having a difficult first pregnancy, but knowing the outcome of getting to hold our precious baby at the end of it and knowing how easily you fall in love with them makes every second worthwhile.
I can't stop imagining who he'll look like, his smell, his little fingers and toes.
I know it won't be easy and I'm told going from one child to two is hard,
but I know we're ready for this new chapter.

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