Thursday, 17 March 2016

A Baking Day with Dad

The last few weeks have been busy;
we have been decorating the boys room as well as doing a general clear out in the house and sorting through everything baby related.
On top of which I haven't been able to go far having sciatica problems and the weather has been freezing!
It's been quite boring for us all and especially for the little guy who loves getting outside in the fresh air but he's been so good and helpful at home.
So this week as Joe had some time off work he decided to do some baking with him;
I really love watching these two do projects together;
the little guy takes things very seriously but likes to get fully involved with whatever he's doing whether it's building Lego or fixing a bike. He can't help but get his hands straight into the box/mixture so it can be tricky to get organised..!
He absolutely loves baking and will usually drop whatever he's doing to make something with us;
I love that he enjoys being in the kitchen and being creative.
We love sharing our favourite recipes on here and as Easter is approaching there's a lot of inspiration about.
After bouncing around a few ideas about for an Easter recipe Joe headed off to the shop for supplies with the little guy and returned with bags full of chocolate, eggs and other treats for their day of baking.

 Joe is a much more methodical, organised baker than me;
I tend to play about with ingredients and forget to add things.
I know he had a perfect idea in his head, but for some reason... everything just kept going wrong.
Chocolate kept splitting, the little guy decided to create his own recipe throwing biscuits and eggs everywhere and there may have been more ingredients eaten than went into the bowl itself...
There was several trips to the shop, a lot of wasted chocolate and a large pile of washing up.
In the end they put together everything that was left and hoped for the best.

When I looked in the fridge this morning I couldn't help but smile; 
No it's not a pinterest perfect recipe (or even a recipe at all probably)
But its the product of a dad and his boy spending time together.
It's wonky and messy but was created out of a lot of patience (and chocolate), 
a dad who loves being with his boy and a boy who loves being with his Daddy (and eating chocolate eggs)
Despite creating chaos in the kitchen my two boys also created some precious memories that I will always treasure
( And something so seriously sweet even I can't finish a whole slice!)

And here's the product of all that chocolate...
Biscuity-Marshmallow-White chocolate-Mini egg-Rocky road-Tiffin-Slice.

In the middle of all our busyness and day to day life, I think we all need to make  time to just create something with our families.
Some fun, some memories or some crazy messy biscuits;
To encourage our kids to get into the garden or the kitchen and just enjoy doing simple things together. It won't always be picture perfect because people aren't perfect but there's still always loveliness to be found.
I really believe the best memories are made in the everyday ordinary moments, and the things we do to make those little moments happy for each other.

I hope you all get time to enjoy some carefree, beautiful, ordinary moments over these next few weeks of Easter and cherish each moment with your loved ones



  1. Looks fantastic - my boys would love doing this

  2. Oh your photos are beautiful and they look delicuous. Hope you're all sorted soon :)


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