Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Blooming Lovely!

One of the things I've noticed in this second pregnancy is the amount of time I actually spend focusing on being pregnant and connecting with our growing little one.
I think with a first baby you have that time to spend on yourself and are much more aware of how your body is changing. Having a younger child to look after means I am generally busy throughout the day making sure he is happy, fed and watered as well as keeping on top on housework, blogging and doing other things during the day.
While I don't believe that not having enough "bump time" is damaging to a growing child I do think on an emotional and spiritual level connecting with your baby is really important.
As a mum our body goes through so many changes during pregnancy on top of which the more unpleasant symptoms can often leave us feeling tired, sad and sometimes wondering what we were thinking?!
But at the heart of our weary bodies there is a tiny life growing determinedly; It is a beautiful and miraculous thing, one which I never take for granted. Our bodies can do amazing things but being able to create new life has to be the most incredible.
I always pray for my baby, that he grows healthy and strong and knows how much he is loved already; for me keeping it in my heart and mind that this baby is such a blessing to us and remembering it is a gift that so many for some reason cannot receive stops me from getting too upset about the daily pregnancy niggles.
There are a lot of suggestions as to how you can connect with your baby when pregnant;
reading to your baby, listening to gentle music or just having quiet time together are a few I found on different sites.
I think when you have other children it's also important for them to share in making that connection with their sibling before they are born and being made to feel like they are involved.
Our little guy likes to hug and kiss the bump and will talk about his brother being "his" baby which is so cute!
When Blooming Lovely asked me if I would like to try one of their Mexican Bola necklaces I was more than happy;
I hadn't heard of chiming necklaces before I came across their site but loved the idea straight away.
Laura, who runs the company, was inspired by her own journey into motherhood and the story of the Mexican Bola to create these stunning necklaces for mummy's to be.
This ancient tradition originated in the Mexican tribes where the Bola's (Spanish for "Ball") were worn by pregnant women to calm their babies and help them to bond;
They are also sometimes called "Angel Callers" as they were believed to summon the child's guardian angel; something I loved sharing with our little one as he loves to talk about Angels!

The necklaces are composed of a pendant or "Bola" on a long chain; the Bola holds a tiny chime within which tinkles gently against your growing bump as you move about.
The soft chimes can be heard by the baby in the womb which is said to relax them; the same way hearing their mothers voice or other familiar sounds will.
After the baby is born it can be used to soothe while sleeping or feeding as they recognise the sound. It is similar to very quiet wind chimes and during the day as you go about the sound is a soft reminder of your baby and helps you to bond throughout your pregnancy.
When I started looking at the Blooming Lovely range I hard a hard time deciding on which pendant to choose;
The Bolas come in five designs but there is also a choice of chains, including beautiful liberty fabrics for your Bola to hang on.
After a while trying to decide I enlisted the help of my little guy, who picked the heart shaped Bola. When I asked him why he simply said "Because we love each other?!" in a very obvious way.
On that adorable note I had to choose the heart.
I love that we have this little story now about how he choose the necklace!
This week my Blooming Lovely parcel arrived, beautifully and carefully wrapped, with its own little cotton bag and a card about the tradition.
I loved it and immediately started wearing it.
I was curious as to how loud the chimes would be but they really are very gentle- I find them quite relaxing myself!
The chain is quite long so the Bola hangs low over the bump, and is heavy enough to not fly all over while you're doing things.
The little guy loves making the chimes ring and seeing his brother respond with bumps and kicks.
Most mums wear their Bolas post birth as something for their baby to look at whilst feeding or to listen to as they drift off to sleep while being held.
The designs are simple enough to be worn with anything and have been spotted on quite a few stylish celeb mums including Giovanna Fletcher and Frankie Bridge.

The tradition of the Bola, to me, is so wonderful as it is an ancient love story of mothers connecting with their children and marvelling at the amazing process that we go through as women carrying new life.
Another part of the tradition I discovered was that the Bola is supposed to be handed on from mothers to daughters as they embark on their own pregnancy journey;
I love the idea of one day being able to pass this onto my own daughter- or daughter in law if we keep having boys!
With the quality and care the Bolas are made with I can see it lasting a long time.
Blooming Lovely Bola's really are blooming lovely!
They would make a wonderful gift for any expectant mum and are a beautiful keepsake for years to come.

I know I will be treasuring mine.



N.B Blooming Lovely Jewellery very kindly sent me one of their Mexican Bola's however all opinions are entirely my own.
I also feel like I should point out that the Bola's are not to be given to children, only played with while mum is wearing and should not be worn while sleeping!


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