Wednesday, 23 March 2016

My Essentials - The Third Trimester

With the exception of the first trimester which for me usually involves a lot of nausea and/or sickness for me the next difficult stage of pregnancy is the last few weeks.
I'm now 35 weeks and this last part has brought old and new difficulties that I'm sure most mums have experienced.
Simple tasks have become very hard and things that were possible before are now out of the question with a large bump; painting your toenails, getting out of the bath easily, picking up bits of Lego...etc...!
As I've really been struggling with SPD and Sciatica pain in the last few weeks and now have to rely on crutches when leaving the house (!), I can barely even manage to do the small things you expect to be able to do in the last few weeks like little bits of cleaning, ironing or even sitting at a desk for too long! I have good days where I get more things done but it is getting harder as the days go by. I'm trying to get some rest while I can and relax on an evening with a good Netflix box-set, doing some writing or reading my favourite mum blog's to keep me sane for now!

I thought I'd share a few of my mum essentials for this last stretch of pregnancy that I tend to have near me every day- I'd love to hear what helped or is helping you in your pregnancy journey...

1. Organic Coconut Oil- I know everyone is raving about coconut oil these days but it really is great stuff- I've had this huge tub for a long time and it is the best for moisturising the bump, as well as softening dry lips, massaging tired feet, oil-pulling (if toothpaste is making you feel sick!) and using instead of normal oils when cooking. I also used it on the little guys skin when he had dry skin and everything else was irritating his skin. If you haven't got any it really is worth keeping in the cupboard.

2. Tablet- These are such handy gadgets. So easy to keep in your bag and just big enough to make viewing easier. I keep mine nearby to watch my favourite netflix shows on if I'm stuck in bed or to read my favourite blogs. Some of mine are Mummydaddyme , Allofmydayswithyou, Dearbeautiful and Ohsoamelia.
Obviously it's also great for browsing baby buys as I can't make it around the shops these days!

3. Skechers Go Walk- I bought these last summer and they are seriously the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. The memory foam insoles are like walking on clouds and they are incredibly light. 
As well as being super comfy they can be thrown in the washing machine and come out looking perfect. I got mine from Very who have a great range on-line.
I think I may be treating myself to the trainers this summer...

4. Leggings- I'm pretty sure most pregnant mamas live in leggings at least 90% of the time. They are just so easy to get on and really comfortable. On top of which they are much less pricey than maternity jeans and can generally be worn after pregnancy 
They've been my wardrobe staple for the last few months, along with long vests! I love Sainsbury's Tu Range as they come in packs of two and Very do some lovely soft ones too.

5. Pillows- I tend to have a pillow nearby wherever I am in the house these days- I have really bad back/leg pain and find it difficult to sit comfortably at all. In bed I have a ridiculous amount of pillows around myself- thankfully I have a very understanding husband who sleeps hanging off one side most nights as I take up the whole bed!

6. Juice- I have a serious Orange juice craving but I am a little addicted to Volvic juiced. I don't know what they put in it (Probably just orange dilute and sugar.) but ice cold out of the fridge I can drink a full bottle in one go.
Its been the only thing I could stomach some days due to feeling sick or having awful heartburn.
If I spot it in the shop usually grab several bottles, it must be popular as the shelf is always empty!

7. Gaviscon- I think I may be the reason for a sudden sales increase of Gaviscon as I seem to go through that many bottles of it. I have it on repeat prescription now thankfully but I still have to grab a bottle from the shop if I can't get to the chemist! I had awful heartburn with my first pregnancy and it has reared its ugly head this time around too. I never would have believed it to be so unbelievably unpleasant but it really is. It's so uncomfortable and makes you feel sick morning and night. 
This stuff really does help though as well as icy drinks to take the edge off.
Despite all my heartburn the little guy was born with only peach fuzz hair so I'm not convinced by the old wives tales!

8. Large Tube Bandage- When I had my first appointment with the hospital Physio she gave me a couple of these tubular bandages to wear over my bump for extra support; I've found it to help a lot with my back and bump ache and have to keep it on all day.
I also wear it with a special elasticated belt which helps with the SPD when walking around.
How glamorous is pregnancy?!?

9. Spatone- My iron is usually low but more so during pregnancy when I just feel exhausted as soon as I get up. I love Spatone as it is so easy to take and you can double up on sachets safely when pregnant without having to worry about it upsetting your stomach.
They actually put a little sample in Bounty packs now that you get given at your first midwife visit.
I always have some in the cupboard and some in my bag just in case I forget to take it.

So those are a few of my daily essentials
is there anything you can't live without in the last trimester??



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