Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Today is the first of March and spring seems to be finally on its way.
Despite the cold breeze there are already the first signs of pink and white blossom on the trees and the crocus are tentatively emerging from their frosty beds.
I think this has to be my favourite time of year;
everything in nature is about hope; the hope of warmer days and lighter evenings,
the hope of plants beginning to grow and the signs of new life from lambs to baby chicks.
Easter is just around the corner reminding us of the promise of life and bringing the sense of anticipation of something wonderful.
I suppose I'm feeling reflective as we are waiting hopefully for our new little arrival joining us in April. 
The signs of new beginnings around us are running parallel with our own life at the moment and I feel so excited with each day that we move closer to sharing our life with this new person...
I've felt a little emotional about it recently;
In the last few years we have muddled through hard days as as a new family; 
It feels like it has taken so much from us to set ourselves up as parents.
We call ourselves a team though because that's what we are;
Every bit of this journey we have been through together and it has been scary and beautiful, sometimes at the same time!
Our little guy has been at our side as we got to grips with everything that comes with starting a family, 
while he's been learning we have been learning right alongside him.
Now that we have arrived at this place where we all feel ready to make a new little person a part of our gang, and have been blessed enough to be given the chance again, it almost feels like the end of an era for us.
We wont be just three any more. And while it makes me shed a tear every now and then it isn't sadness. I just feel so proud of my little family, I love seeing the daddy my husband has grown into and seeing the proper boy our little lovely is becoming.
I couldn't of imagined the joy I'd feel being a mother; some days I didn't think it was possible to do anything other than worry!
Its a strange, bitter-sweet experience but one I wouldn't change for the world.
I've loved this journey and I'm so grateful for every part of it.
It's been amazing to experience pregnancy second time around. With the experience we already have of doing it all before it's been a lot more relaxed. While there's been differences between the two, having gone through one pregnancy made this one easier to embrace. 
I was so apprehensive to go though it all again after having a difficult first pregnancy, but knowing the outcome of getting to hold our precious baby at the end of it and knowing how easily you fall in love with them makes every second worthwhile.
I can't stop imagining who he'll look like, his smell, his little fingers and toes.
I know it won't be easy and I'm told going from one child to two is hard,
but I know we're ready for this new chapter.


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