Friday, 18 March 2016

The Pram Diaries

So in the last few weeks I decided to share my thoughts on some of the many pushchairs we have already had for our little one.
There's something about prams and pushchairs that I am totally addicted to!
I love browsing the latest designs and seeing how they compare-
I realise a lot of people may think a chair is a chair but not to me!
Once you have a child you realise the importance of the small things which make your day to day life easier when looking after a small person and when you use a pushchair often if there is no shopping basket, a lack of stability or an uncomfortable seat it really does make all the difference.
The most important thing for me is that the chair is comfortable for your child;
to me that means things such as a well designed seat or cot that is spacious and cosy and good suspension so that it doesn't rattle around while your little one is sleeping.
It doesn't need to be the most expensive; more money may mean trendy designs but not necessarily comfort or ease of use.
After the Stokke I looked around at another prams and immediately liked the Petite Star Kurvi Match+
As the little guy was not walking yet and still taking long naps in the day I wanted something comfortable enough for him to sleep in as well as easy to use going into town and able to carry all the important necessities needed when taking out a baby.

The Petite Star Kurvi Match Plus +

When the Kurvi Arrived I was surprised at the size of the box which was surprisingly small;
it was very easy to assemble and noticeably lightweight.
The Kurvi was both a pram and pushchair in that the seat when unclipped underneath, turned into a cot- a feature I loved.
The Kurvi really was everything you needed in a pram/pushchair;
As well as having adapters included which enabled you to attach a car seat if you wished, it came with a soft fleece lined foot muff, rain cover, apron, padded liner, chest pads and head hugger, and a changing bag!
At an RRP of £325 to me it was pretty good value for money.
The fabric was a soft woven type, I chose purple but it came in a choice of several other bright colours.
The seat faced both ways and was lovely and soft inside; it was well padded, of a good height and depth, and had multiple reclining positions. 
One of my favourite features was the huge hood which could be extended by un-zipping it at the top, it gave the baby great shade and he looked so cosy inside!
If he fell asleep while we were out it was so easy to simply recline it and unclip the bottom to turn it into a cot.
The bar on the seat could be removed completely and the shopping basket underneath was really generous in size.
The lightweight frame made it easy to lift in and out of the car and over kerbs or onto public transport. It could also be folded with the seat on.
The handle bar was foam covered and extendible- which was great for when dad was pushing the little one.
It really was very smooth to push; the only time I noticed it being more difficult was over rough terrain- this really was more of an urban chair rather than one for countryside walks over stony paths.
There were few cons to this pramette, for me one was that the wheels were made out of a type of foam material that dented easily and as they weren't very thick it was quite noticeable.
The only other issue I had with the Kurvi was that as the material was woven it was easy to split which is what happened with the foot-muff unfortunately!
However it really was a great little pushchair and one I received many compliments on.
Sadly the brake on one side started to fail and it did have to be returned;
by this point it was no longer in stock and couldn't be replaced.
I have had a look and it seems that Petite Star are no longer trading sadly however I wanted to include this chair for anyone looking at Pramette style chairs; 
It isn't something I would have chosen at first but now am definitely looking into this style of chair again for our new arrival. I think the ease of being able to use one chair from birth is such a great feature and more cost effective than having a separate cot and seat.

As we couldn't have the Kurvi back and the little guy was still growing I started looking for something we could take further afield and was a bit roomier for my beanstalk boy...!


N.B All opinions are my own

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