Monday, 25 April 2016

Snuggle up

In the last couple of weeks I've been getting a pretty good nights sleep, and being that I am almost 40 weeks pregnant this is quite impressive.
Although I still have my usual aches and pains and an ever increasing bump my nightly routine has been greatly  improved since my lovely Snuggle up pregnancy pillow arrived.
The hospital physiotherapist I saw several months ago advised sleeping with plenty of pillows at my bump and back to alleviate pressure as well as a couple between my knees; although it of course helps it makes moving really difficult especially if you need to get up in the night, as most mamas do!
Because the Snuggle up pillow is one large long pillow it serves all comfort purposes, supporting your back and bump and keeping your legs well spaced to avoid hip pain.
It's so much easier to get up and turn over at night without having to rearrange the whole bed!
I was surprised when it arrived at how big it actually was;
There are several types of pregnancy pillow on the Snuggle up site;
this one is filled with "Fairy beads" or polystyrene balls that move to your body shape and is covered with a super soft fabric.
It is also lightly scented with relaxing Lavender;
being someone who can't do strong scents generally let alone in pregnancy I was concerned it would be overwhelming but I'm pleased to say it isn't at all.
As well as being the perfect pregnancy pillow it is wonderful for anyone with back or muscle pain, sciatica, arthritis or any sort of sleep disturbing aches.
I let Joe try it out and had a hard time getting him to give it back!
At over 6ft tall he found it amazingly comfortable and supportive and alleviated his back and neck discomfort after I let him borrow it for the night!
Its no surprise this is an award winning pillow;
It really has clearly been designed with mum's in mind but what's great is that it is perfect for using after birth for extra support.
I wish I'd had this gorgeous pillow sooner in my pregnancy but I'll definitely be using it beyond.
With so many different products for Mum's to be it can be trial and error with knowing which products are worth investing in, but I can honestly say that this is one of my top recommendations for any expectant mum. 
But be warned,
 if you let your husband try it out be prepared for him to want one of his own too! 


N.B Snuggle Up Pregnancy pillows kindly sent me one of their Premium U Pillows in Sky Blue however all opinions are my own.


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