Monday, 25 July 2016

Nod Pod

When you first set out buying things for your new baby it can be a minefield trying to work out what products are best.
There's so much choice and if you're new to motherhood trying to work out what you will need before you need it seems impossible at times.
Most of us can navigate the standard essentials like clothing, blankets and probably pushchairs and cots but generally its only when you have your baby that you realise what would be helpful!
I found asking other mums about their experiences really helpful when it came to working out what I might need or the best tools for a job, so I found mum blogs to be a great place to get honest opinions about baby essentials.
So, now I have my own two little ones and a bit more experience I really enjoy having the opportunity to share my opinions on things that have been helpful to us.
Recently I was contacted by Nod Pod and asked if we would like to try one of their new baby blankets with legs;
Of course I was happy to give one a go but I'll admit, I was a little skeptical...
I never got the "Slanket" craze for adults and I wasn't sure what the difference was between just using a blanket or an all in one suit!
{First try of the Nod Pod is met with approval!}

The day the Nod Pod arrived Little E had been restless most of the night and day for some reason, being a few weeks old I think he was just overtired and getting used to the noise level around here!
I decided to try it out straight away and as it was chilly on our way out, I popped him into the Nod Pod and into his pram after which he fell fast asleep for the next few hours.
He has never liked wearing hats and seems to get very aggravated whenever I put one on him but he was perfectly happy with the fleecy hood over his head and I was happy that his little head was warm! He really did look very cosy and the fleece material is so soft.
Being wrapped in snuggly fabric seemed to do the trick for Little E!
I've discovered that there really are a lot of pro's to the Nod Pod. 
Having legs on the blanket helps to keep it in place and prevents you having to put an all in one suit on which tend to be thicker and might be too hot.This is also a great feature when using a carrier or putting your baby in a car seat; The wings, rather than sleeves, enable you to wrap or swaddle the baby and then open them up easily if they get too warm without disturbing them, and the little hood is light and again is easy to pop on and off without waking him up!
We have been using the NodPod ever since in his pushchair- we are using a Quinny Moodd at the moment- and I have also been using it when he is in his Babasling; as it isn't too thick it fits in really well and keeps him warm.
Last week we attended a their Great Grandma's birthday party which was a very big event being that all the family were invited and we spent most of the day outside as it was a sunny day.
Before we left the house I put little E into the Nod Pod in his Maxi-Cosi car seat; He nodded off quite quickly but then slept nearly the whole afternoon and party!
It was easy to belt and un-belt him without disturbing him thanks to the shape of his Nod Pod.
He was lovely and cosy in his car seat and as the day got warmer we just unwrapped the wings or moved the hood back without him waking at all.
{Snoozing at the Party}

It seems like a lot to put down his peaceful sleep to a little blanket but I really have been impressed with the Nod Pod.
The quality of the fleece is lovely; it is lightweight and easy to fold up into any bag and I've since put it through the wash and it has come out just as soft as before.
I haven't found any negatives to the Nod Pod up to now, but having had another boy who is grows at an alarming rate, it's getting a little snug and I think we'll be needing a bigger size very soon!

It's often trial and error buying baby things but it's great to find products that are genuinely good quality and useful to us mum and dads, as well as being reasonably priced.
I would definitely recommend these lovely blankets and am looking forward to seeing more from the Nod pod company!

N.B Nod Pod kindly gifted us one of their newborn Nod Pods in winter white however all opinions are entirely my own.


Thursday, 7 July 2016

A Good Mug

In our house, we love a good cup of tea.
(Yorkshire of course.)
I think most people who love a good cuppa will agree there's more to it than meets the eye.
Tea is usually associated with home comforts; a welcome hug for the weary after a hard day, or night; a warm reminder of home.
I love the whole ceremony of making a proper cup of tea and sharing it;
whether its in the morning having a cup with Joe before he heads off to work or with my mum while we put the world to rights!
One thing I have discovered is that although tea in itself is wonderful it can be greatly enhanced by a good slice of homemade cake, and in my humble opinion a suitably wonderful carrier.
Yes, I do love a nice cup.
I love finding lovely cups and mugs, to me it makes a good cup of tea even better.I recently found Doris & co. an English company which makes a beautiful range of pottery and home wares using traditional methods;
Anyone who knows me (or reads this blog, Hello!) will know that I love anything that is made using old fashioned skills or crafted by hand and that will last for years to come.
Not only do Doris & co create products that have that traditional feel but their range is made with such care and attention, it's hard not to fall in love with it.
I really do love a good mug.
And thankfully so do Doris & co, who have solid ideas about the "perfect mug"!
Doris mugs are made from a gorgeous cream earthenware and each one is made by hand;
Their traditional designs reflect the love that goes into each of their mugs, each one carefully decorated with sayings from by-gone days or words of hope, encouragement and endearment that just warm your heart!
Doris kindly sent me this beautiful acorn mug before I had little E which they chose for me in mind of our impending new arrival;
I love that it now reminds me of that time in my life and how our little "acorns" are growing so fast!
Doris' heartfelt designs can be found across the rest of their gorgeous range, like these lovely cotton tea towels as well as their teapots, jugs, vases and other beautiful home wares.
One of my favourite are these little mugs, which I think would make perfect gifts for children as keepsakes.
(Maybe a "Little Lovely" design next Doris & co?!?)
Although my heart will always be in a strong cup of tea, as a mum I also am heavily fuelled by a good cup of coffee most mornings, and Doris have a simply perfect range of espresso mugs, with thoughtful quotes from the likes of T.S Elliot and William Blake for those quite moments of deep thought on a morning-
if you get some peace that is!
I'm so glad to have come across Doris & co and am looking forward to seeing more from this perfectly lovely company!

N.B Dori& co were kind enough to send me some of their range to try however all opinions are entirely my own 

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