Friday, 5 August 2016

Bloom & Wild

This Spring I've had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of Bloom &Wild's Wildflower Collective meaning I've been able to experience some of their stunning letterbox bouquets over the last few months.
I first came across Bloom &Wild via Instagram (where they share some beautiful pictures!) and loved the idea of being able to send flowers so easily without worrying about someone being in to receive them!
Obviously I wanted to try out Bloom & Wild and was keen to see how their flowers would fare being sent by royal mail-
I sent some pink roses to my sister who was away in Scotland and I was told they arrived beautifully packaged and lasted much longer than expected!
I did blog about my experience back then with Bloom & Wild as I love sharing great companies via our blog, so I was thrilled when they got in touch to ask if I'd like some letterbox flowers of my own.
Everything about a Bloom & Wild delivery is special, from their elegant box to the individually wrapped flowers inside finished off with their signature gold ribbon.
Despite arriving in an ordinary way, their flowers are anything but.
Although their boxes are slim they contain the most perfect stems which just get prettier and last so well.
What I love about Bloom& Wild's flowers is the simplicity of their bouquets;
they aren't huge arrangements which arrive filled out with busy foliage and too many other varieties of flowers, they just use beautiful blooms and complement them without all the fuss.
Their bright pink Peonies for example, were the main attraction in the Eloise bouquet but bright pops of yellow were added to really make them stand out which I just loved.
The Florence arrived just in time for the Chelsea Flower show which inspired this gorgeous arrangement of stocks, snapdragons and spray veronica;
the whole thing looked as though it had just been scooped out of an English Wildflower garden and smelled so beautiful!
Having Peonies in the house was a lovely treat this spring, especially the big blooming pink Peonies at the centre of The Belle.
Over the last few months we've been getting used to being a family of four so it's taken me a little longer than I anticipated to share these gorgeous blooms with you, but even though these particular bunches are not available this season,Bloom & Wild have gone and created even more stunning flowers for you to brighten someone's (or your own!) day with including some seriously pretty mini posies with contain little jars for you to make up your own little displays with.
I was already impressed with Bloom &Wild but having had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of their lovely letterbox flowers I am even more so by their quality and designs.
Well done Bloom&Wild
They're blooming marvellous!

N.B I was kindly sent some of Bloom & Wild's Letterbox Flowers as part of the Wildflower collective however all opinions are entirely my own.


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