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Newborn Essentials

Our little E is now over the 12 week mark, technically meaning he is no longer classed as a "newborn" (*sob*)
The time really has flown by and like everyone says when they welcome a new family member, it's as though they have always been here.
Although we all enjoyed those lovely quiet few weeks of being in our own little bubble, having another energetic little person to care for meant we had to settle back into our normal routine fairly quickly.
Thankfully our littlest is a very chilled out happy chap. He's most happy when he can see everything, just like his big brother, and will sit quietly just listening and looking. He really is very content but also very smiley and giggly!
We took him for his first cinema outing last week to see the BFG and he was so good; I was worried he wouldn't like the noise and was prepared to have to leave but he actually watched most of the film and made funny noises when he saw the giants faces.
It's been a completely new experience, having a newborn and another child to care for.
Joe had to go back to work after a month so thankfully he was here to help out during those first few difficult weeks.
It's all gone by so fast though and I've been surprised that although there are a fair few difficult moments looking after two young children alone, it's been a pretty good transition and I absolutely love being with my boys.
They are both strong and grow very fast, the little guy has needed new clothes and shoes over the last few weeks, simply because he has shot up this summer and I have just finished putting all little E's newborn clothes away.
We're still a bit disorganised but it's a happy kind of chaos...
It's been quite a different experience becoming a mum for the second time and although each pregnancy, birth and baby are different, there's nothing like experience to help you along the way.
Part of the reason I think little E is quite relaxed is that we've already done this before so aren't as stressed about it all!

With that in mind I thought I'd put together what have been some of my newborn essentials these last three months, hopefully some mums-to-be or new mums out there might find them helpful.
Most mums know they'll need piles of nappies, cotton wool and wipes so I've just included some that aren't so obvious that I've found great second time around.

1. I'm usually raving about how great Coconut Oil is but I'm going to say it again; it is great. So far I've used it to fend off nappy rash, improve cradle cap, moisturise the little one's and my own skin and for baby massages. There are so many uses for this lovely natural stuff and I love this one by Kokoso baby- it's the perfect size to pop into your bag and you don't have to worry about it being anything other than 100% organic coconut oil.
2. I never bought any bottles first time round as I was determined to feed the little guy myself which I did without too many problems; I've done the same this time round and can honestly say it's been much easier, however little E seemed to have a lot of trapped wind in the early days and has always got hiccups! Overfeeding him tends to make it worse and a bit sick, so I  tried giving him some cooled boiled water in one of these Dr Brown's bottle's which are designed to prevent air being swallowed, and it seems to do the trick. I know in the early days, bottles or dummy's are not encouraged but I only started trying him with the occasional drink after a few weeks when he was well established at feeding and these seem to be very good!
3. Hydration. Need I say more?! Feeding a baby gives you the most unquenchable thirst; there are bottles of water all over our house! Joe bought one of these Brita fill & go water bottles a few weeks ago and I have been stealing it ever since. I love that they filter your water and are also really slim and light enough to keep in the changing bag.
4. I've mentioned Faye & Lou muslin's before as I bought some first baby round and loved them. This time they were kind enough to send me some to use with little E and I am still just as impressed; Over the last three months they've endured countless uses and washes and are still gorgeously soft and vibrant. There are muslins on sale anywhere that sells baby clothes but I still think these are a seriously worthwhile investment, if you want great quality that lasts.
5. The little guy never took to a dummy and I didn't expect little E to, however using me for comfort seemed to just be making him too full and he'd often be crying as though he had tummy ache. I'd heard a lot about these natural rubber dummies and they came highly recommended by the lady in the shop who had used them with her own daughter so I decided to give these Hevea ones a try. Little E took to it straight away and it just helps him to doze off if he's full. They are all natural and very soft; as they are made from natural rubber they need to be replaced every two months as they start to break down and peel a bit, but I'm happy to do that it for the benefits of it keeping him content and not having any nasty plastics in.
6. Again, unlike his brother, this one loves anything silky. We gave him a little blanket like this with silky edges and he loves holding it and having it near his face!
7. I always thought nursing pillows were a bit unnecessary and that they were just expensive pillows but I have been proved wrong as this little Snuggle up pillow has been really handy; although I was sent this I would definitely buy it again- We use it every day and I take it up to bed for night feeds. It's so soft and he has snoozed happily on it since he was born; he also loves sitting up on it now so that he can see everything. It has a lovely soft cover that is also removable for easy washing.
8. I bought this Bowron sheepskin for our first little guy whostill loves it and it has been used just as much with little E. These really are another good investment; although he is now four the little guy loves it that much he was reluctant to share it with his baby brother!
It has fit into most of the prams we've had and I also used it for them both in their baby rocking chair. Bowron Sheepskins are sanitized but can be put in the washing machine, which I have done a few times without any problems. They are brilliant for keeping little ones warm and cool and are really good for when they're feeling poorly as they help to regulate body temperature.
9. The Baba Sling has been great with both of our boys; I find it really comfortable to wear and little E sleeps very happily in it and is always cosy. It's made of lovely soft strong cotton and the shoulder has nice thick padding to stop it rubbing. I love slings but I never loved the idea of the outward facing carriers so this one has been perfect for me- I love having him all bundled up next to me!

I cant believe we're already over the newborn stage; time has just flown by! But although I'm sad we're leaving the early days behind us I'm really looking forward to the next stages, watching him grow and learn and do so many things, all of which is such a privilege to do.We're so blessed to be able to do this journey with our beautiful boys.

Hopefully you might have found a few of these baby buys helpful;
We'll soon be heading into the next baby stage of sitting, toddling and weaning so if you have any tips or tools, drop me a line!

N.B Kokoso Baby, Faye & Lou and Snuggle up Pillows Kindly sent me these items however all opinions are entirely my own.

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