Friday, 19 August 2016

Pastel Jellies

We're midway through August and even though the weather finally seems to be picking up, there is already a sense of summer being on its way out.
The shops are filled with September school supplies and summer sales have almost finished, making way for Autumn coats and woolly jumpers.
Despite all of this I'm determined not to head into the mindset of Summer being over and enjoy what's left of these sunny days with our two boys.
These warm and lazy August days are my favourite part of the summer and we are spending as much time as we can exploring the local greenery, playing out and having lots of picnic tea times.
Now that we're all a little more settled into family life as a four, the little guy and I have even been managing some creative time on an afternoon, so of course we have been putting our aprons on and getting into the kitchen.
Whatever else he is doing he will always put it aside if I ask him to help me make something -
I love that he loves baking and cooking, and now that he's not my only little one it feels like it's something we can always come back to just to re-connect and spend some quality time together doing.
When we had some quiet time last week, the little guy and I had a little summer party together listening to some summer tunes and eating sweets while little E had a long nap.
Ever since I started making milk jelly a couple of summers ago I have been dreaming of making some pastel coloured jellies.
I got a bit inspired after seeing the gorgeous colours of "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and of course the famous Mendl's patisserie with their pastel coloured cakes (Which I'm sure I'll be making soon..!)
 I adore pastels, but I also love the summer memories that I get from seeing these pretty colours together;
Ice-cream sodas and candy floss, sunshine and sandy toes, long summer days, beach huts.
They remind me of the plastic bowls of Neapolitan ice cream we used to eat in the garden as kids, playing on the beach after ten sticks of pink and blue and yellow sugary rock, the jelly shoes we all wore, sherbet sticks and hands covered in pavement chalk.
These little jellies are made of summer-time memories and are perfectly easy treats for kids (and adults!).
They are super simple but look so effective and special.

I've made these using miniature moulds from the ever reliable Tala which I picked up in Sainsbury's;
not only are they a very cute traditional jelly shape, they have handy lids on the top, which help to release the jelly (this is equally helpful when making layered jelly in case you forget which colour you've done first!) and on the bottom- for storage and on-the-go jelly of course.
(For any mums out there, these can double as handy snack pots for the little ones!)
I've had a few people have asked me about quantities regarding how much condensed milk to use, I have tried different amounts but really it depends on how sweet you want the jelly to be!
I have a sweet tooth so these are the amounts I use to keep the jelly sweet and not tasting of the gelatin- I think it would also be lovely to add a flavour essence like rose or peppermint!

Milk Jellies
You will need:
Powdered Gelatin sachets
1 Tin of Sweetened Condensed Milk
Boiling water
Jelly Moulds
Food colouring ( I used Wilton Gel Colouring)
To make the milk jelly simply add one sachet of the gelatin powder to 1 pint of boiling water, when it has dissolved pour in 1/4 of the tin of condensed milk stirring well.
You can then add any colour you like, bearing in mind it will be milky coloured!
Remember to let the jelly cool before adding to another set layer.
Milk jelly sets much quicker than normal jelly- in around 20 mins - so if you forget while letting it cool and it becomes lumpy or set, just warm very gently in a small pan until liquid again and then use as normal.
As you can see these really are very quick and simple to do and make for a fun afternoon activity.
The little guy and I loved these, they're definitely a favourite make and one we'll be doing again.
It took a lot of persuasion to stop him diving onto them before I had taken a few photos!
This one is a sweet fiend and he absolutely loves jelly;
this is a great make for kids to do, just let the mixture cool before letting them get creative with different shapes and colours!

Hope you're enjoying these last few weeks of summer with your sweeties


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