Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Hello again.

I've been having a little break from social media and blogging over the last few weeks;
Sometimes it feels good just to disconnect from the constant hum of technology and really connect with home. It's so easy to get distracted by a phone that's buzzing throughout the day that often you wonder when you are actually present to the people around you...
I think being a mum is another factor in needing to just needing to switch off sometimes and just "be" with your children.
Time seems to escape when you're looking down at your phone and you tend to miss the real moments when you're only half looking.
I think being able to see so much of people's lives online these days starts to affect us after a while; subconsciously or not. Social media is such a great way to connect and there's often a great sense of community, particularly through apps like instagram, (my favourite)
But sometimes, unfortunately, it can also be a judgemental place, whether it's negative mum/dad-shaming comments or the way you judge yourself for not being as well together as the people you see popping up in those little squares every day. 
You forget that life isn't about perfect white walls, artistic coffee shots and catalogue style family scenes.
You start to think that it's not good enough that you aren't doing the same.
That you're not good enough.
But life doesn't fit into squares or posts or status updates.
It really should go without saying but it doesn't.
No we don't have picture perfect family lives.
We argue with each other. We mess up. We sometimes sleep in beds that seriously need changing and wonder if we can go just another day without washing our hair. We wrestle angry toddlers in and out of trolleys, never seem to be wearing clothes that don't have something down them (is that cereal/paint/baby sick?..) and have pizza for tea (again) because cooking with a baby on one arm just isn't working today(again). Sometimes we are broken and sad; and sometimes things just aren't ok.
What we share isn't our whole story.
But at the end of the day all any of us can do is our best; we love our families fiercely and there's nothing wrong with sharing the best parts of our days.
I suppose we just need to remember that we're only seeing that. The best bits.
I love the escapism of scrolling through instagram and seeing the lovely photos of people I follow; I love spending too much time on pinterest pouring over perfect homes and a million crafting ideas;
but as soon as it starts to take over my precious time with my family or makes me feel overwhelmed with trying to do it all, it's time for a break.
Building up this blog over the last year has done so much for my confidence and our family.
I love being able to share the things we do and the people I've met through it along the way, even if not in person. To me it's a way of counting my blessings as well; it reminds me to be thankful for the small bits of loveliness in our day to day lives. That even on hard days, there's always an instagram worthy moment worth remembering...

So I'm back here again, sharing our family journey, mostly the nice bits;
I hope you'll stick around.

I also hope that if you're reading this today that someone has told you you're doing a frickin awesome job and that you are so, so good enough.

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