Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Goose Play

Over the last few weeks we've all been a little worse for wear.

Every one of us came down with an awful virus that just didn't seem to go away;
our two little guys have been so exhausted by it; being kept up every night with a persistent cough, temperatures and stuffy noses meant they just wanted to nap in the day or be cuddled up watching a film. On top of which the weather was freezing so venturing out just felt unbearable.
We've all been feeling a lot better recently though, and just as it's turned much milder here in Yorkshire (thank goodness!)
So last week we decided to get out and as the little guy has been asking to go for weeks since he heard about it, we headed on down to Goose at Hornbeam Park which opened last summer.

I think I can say fairly that most parents don't enjoy the prospect of the usual indoor play areas for kids - mainly softplay (or "soft play hell" as I've heard it called).
Although the chance to have a coffee while your little ones run around like crazy is always appreciated, they tend to be quite loud and generally not much fun for us parents.
We go and no doubt will go again as its one of those things kids love, but it is seriously rare to find somewhere under cover that is enjoyable (and relaxed!) for kids and adults.
Hello Goose.
(photo Credit: Goose Play)

We arrived at around lunchtime on a weekend so naturally the cafe was very busy but I loved how open and bright the space was that we walked into. Despite a long queue the staff were so friendly and welcoming, and seemed pretty unfazed by the busyness (or at least looked that way!); serving, clearing tables, picking up toys and still responding to lots of little ones requesting more toys from the shelves behind the counter.
Goose combines a cafe, with various play sections, including a Lego den, and a craft area.
There's bookshelves and soft cushions, wooden toys and building sets plus a football table for the older ones.
The whole layout is open plan and feels so spacious and clean; The style is very Scandinavian with its white walls and coloured pops of art here and there.
There is an entrance fee for the children but it is extra for crafts - we found it to be very reasonable considering the quality of the toys and craft area which is staffed separately so you can drink your coffee in peace while they get creative with different art projects.
The little guy loved the Lego den, despite having a huge collection of his own at home it was still extremely novel to build somewhere new. He and his dad had a great time in there creating and spending time together
The craft area was an equal hit as he loves doing anything creative, especially when there's glue and paint involved...!
Little E enjoyed the play space just as much, being able to crawl and help himself to lots of new toys.
The Cafe has a gorgeous range of freshly made food and cakes as well as teas and coffees;
The emphasis is strongly on their food being fresh, hand-made, healthy and supporting local where possible. The cafe bar itself was filled with big bowls of fresh salads,breads, and some beautiful cakes as well as a selection of snacks for little fingers.
I love that the kids are able to have free water and fruit while they play and that the kids menu includes things like dippy eggs and soldiers!

Even as busy as it was when we got there, the atmosphere was still very relaxed and comfortable. There is a real homely feel here; the cafe and play area being open planned means its easy to watch your kids play, get involved in a game with them while someone else makes lunch, or read them a book while you're enjoying a great cup of coffee. 

We're really pleased to be so close to this great place; We've already had a couple of lovely trips to Goose and are planning more with our friends.
If you're nearby (or not!) it's definitely worth a visit.

Thanks Goose!

NB This post was not endorsed or sponsored by Goose Play in any way, we just had a great time and wanted to share!


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