Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Playtime and little imaginations

Having little ones generally means you end up with a lot of toys about your home;
Unless you are super strict, even if you stick to birthday toy buying, people tend to pass on their own children's toys or they might have Grandparents who like to treat them!

Either way you start to get an eye for what your children will actually enjoy playing with or look at for five minutes before all the pieces/bits/accessories are lost forever or gone up the hoover.
It's a lot of trial and error in the first few years as you try to work out the fine line between spoiling and being too stingy with gifts and spending less or more money on things they'll actually look after and enjoy.
So many toys now are also almost disposable, despite being expensive they are just very colourful cheap plastic which not only means they don't last but they encourage the throwaway mentality which is now so common amongst kids.
It's sad to think that while we still have toys that our grandparents have lovingly passed on, our children might not be able to do the same.
Little E is getting to the stage where he wants to play with toys and copy his big brother so I've been having a sort this week of toys that had been put away and making sure all the tiny bits of Lego are stored away (it's a work in progress!). 
The other day I brought down a big box we have of wooden play food and was just thinking about how it's been one of those great toys that I doubt we'll ever get rid of. It's never been put away as our first little guy has always loved playing with it and now they both love it.
Little E loved putting the shapes together-and chewing them of course. His big brother played cafe's and made food for all of his bears.
When the little guy was about two we made him a kitchen out of an old cupboard for Christmas and asked family members to each get him a different set of food or some kitchen accessories. It turned out to be a great idea as he absolutely loved it.
I know there are a few companies that do wooden food but all of these are by Melissa&Doug
It's great to have toys that nurture their imaginations and encourage them to learn skills that they'll need in the future and it's lovely watching them share toys and just play together.
We are lucky to have very kind friends and relatives who have passed on their toys for our children to enjoy whether it's old Lego or Teddy bears, I hope as parents we can encourage them to enjoy the things they have and look after them well enough to be played with again one day once they have grown out of them.


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