Tuesday, 11 April 2017

My Little Piccolo {Stage 2}

So I've mentioned before that this time around I've been in no rush to to hurry along the weaning journey with little E - I've just enjoyed my baby so much! However, it's not about what I want, and this guy definitely wants his food.
He's let me know very clearly in the last few months that he wants to eat what we are eating or at least food that he can chew or grab himself. He loves feeding himself from pouches but has decided he doesn't want feeding from a spoon anymore!
Piccolo sent us this amazing stage two suitcase a little while ago and I'd been saving it until we got to this stage with him so a few weeks ago we finally unpacked our Mediterranean goodies!
As I've mentioned before Piccolo make delicious pouches of organic food for little ones inspired by the Mediterranean roots of its founder, Cat.
Both our little guys love the Piccolo pouches- the flavour combinations are different and interesting, and they manage to incorporate hints of herbs and spices to get little ones used to new tastes. 
Our Mediterranean adventure suitcase had all kinds of exciting goodies inside that they  both loved having a play with- so much thought went into putting it together!
I loved the Piccolo playlist which we had a little dance to and both guys had a lot of fun playing with the photo props. We also have seeds to grow some herbs of our own.
I really love the Piccolo concept of encouraging children to learn about their food and enjoy it from a young age as it's something I am very passionate about myself;Food is something that should bring families together and they should all be part of creating a meal to share as often as possible. It's so important that we pass on such an important skill to our children so that they learn how to nourish themselves properly, pick up good eating habits and enjoy healthy food!
I always try to get our eldest involved at mealtimes,whether it's helping to prepare food or setting the table. Thankfully he always wants to help. I usually have his brother in his highchair in the kitchen while I'm cooking and he's happy to just watch - and taste test of course!Making an effort with preparing even the simplest meals makes such a difference and sitting together at the table is so important as it helps us all to properly focus on each other at the end of the day. Little E already loves being at our level at the table and just being able to be part of things.
These yummy pouches of goodness are designed to get your little Piccolo ready for new tastes and textures;I actually thought I was doing well at introducing new flavours but a lot of the Piccolo combo's are new to me!They also encourage you to try out the recipes for yourself if you fancy getting creative in the kitchen;ingredients are listed on the back, and the full recipe methods can be found on their website.
One of the new things Little E loves is pasta. His first try was the Sweet Tomato and Ricotta Spaghetti which he loved; I gave the recipe a try myself and it went down pretty well!
I've found myself being a lot more adventurous this time round on the weaning journey and I'm pleased to say that Little E seems to be loving it; He loves his food - Just like his Mama!

Have you tried the Piccolo range yet?
What are your little ones favourite recipes?

N.B Piccolo kindly sent us this stage two suitcase however all opinion are entirely my own.

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