Thursday, 20 April 2017

Teething Troubles and Monkey Business

We've never had an easy time when it comes to teething in this house...
Our first little guy was teething as early as was possible at only two months old and unfortunately for little E it's been a similar story. It's been countless nights of tears (some mine.), every kind of teething gel, Calpol, rashes and red cheeks. It's sure not easy for these little ones to pop those teeth through.
A few things helped us through that first stage of teething and made life that bit less painful, but I'll share more about those in another post! 
Little E will be one in a couple of weeks and already has Six front teeth (!) We've got to that stage now where he bites everything and feeding him is a dangerous game that he finds hilarious. (Ouch.)
After a short break from the teething troubles it looks like his other teeth are starting to make an appearance at the back - cue the endless dribbling... 
Matchstick Monkey contacted us at just the right time to ask us if we'd try out their adorable Monkey Teethers.  
Actually getting teething granules or gel to the source of the pain can be a real pain in itself - the packages always advise using a cotton wool ball or swab (!?!) which has never worked for us, and if they already have those sharp little front teeth, you risk losing a finger. We've had an abundance of teething toys in our house but they tend to just not do the trick; I noticed with the little guy that his favourite thing to chew was actually toothbrushes, or more specifically a silicone toothbrush I once bought him. Being able to actually target the pain himself with something bumpy seemed to give him the most relief rather than the large donut shaped ones filled with water!
 Matchstick Monkey is really one of a kind; of course it's monkey shaped, but its also made of a lovely soft silicone that's perfect for chewing. The little bristles on the head are great for massaging itchy gums and holding onto teething gel or granules to get right to the back of the mouth. The wide handles make it easy to hold onto and provide more chewing relief. Little E loved its friendly little face too! I really love that a lot of thought has gone into the design- they were created by a mum who had gone through the teething process with her own little ones; the Matchstick Monkey was born through needing to get to the source of teething pain without getting bitten! 
The soft silicone is the perfect material to have a good chew on, Little E certainly enjoys a gnaw on his.
Our new little monkey friend is a very welcome addition around here and hopefully will be long after the toothy trouble has subsided!

What are your tried and tested teething tamers?!

NB Post in collaboration with matchstick Monkey however all opinions are entirely our own.


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