Friday, 12 May 2017

One Year Old

I'm pretty sure every mum of a one year old says this but I honestly don't know where the last year has gone.
It seems such a short while ago that we brought home that little bundle; now he's running across the garden, saying "Mama" and "Dadda", biting everything he can get his hands on with those six sharp teeth, climbing stairs and playing with toys. He is very different to his brother at that age; Where his brother was sociable and confident, he's shy and unsure of other people. He has these big brown intense eyes and a cheeky smile that gets us stopped every time we go out. 
The last year has been a whirlwind of busyness and getting used to a new dynamic as a family of four, but it's still as though he has been here forever.
I always try to be organised for birthdays especially when it comes to cake; but with my own little family I always seem to be baking in my Pj's wondering what I'm doing!
We've been so busy over the last few months and as Little E refuses to be put down most of the time (or have more than a ten minute nap!) everything I do has to be late at night or not at all these days. So when it came to the cake it was a late night job with help from his big brother which I was actually very happy with. He loved staying up to put the cake together even though it was a very simple and rushed one the night before!
We spent the day together at home with family who popped by for tea and cake; it was lovely and sunny so he was happy waddling around the garden for most of the afternoon.
Its easy to get caught up in planning a big day and perfect cakes for kids birthdays but sometimes simple really is better and much less stressful for everyone!
Having an easy day just playing and seeing close family was really lovely for us and both guys went off to bed happy.
These days are so fleeting; birthdays come and go for all of us now so quickly but with each year that passes these boys change so much; they're getting bigger, wiser, more talkative. Almost unrecognisable for who they were just 12 months before. In the blink of an eye our little guy went from toddling to getting ready to start school and now this baby that I only just home from the hospital with is running to catch up with him. We're so Blessed to be able to watch another little life unfold; not one second of these precious days that we have are lost on me. I'm grateful every moment to be their Mama.

Happy Birthday my Little Lovely.


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