Saturday, 24 June 2017

A Different Sort of Day {My Little Piccolo ft. Hartbeeps}

A few weeks ago the lovely people at Piccolo asked us to pop down to our local Morrisons to help them celebrate the launch of their yummy pouches in store.
We were sent a gorgeous selection of their pouches just before little E started weaning and he took to them straight away, as did his big brother who kept sneaking off with them!
Piccolo pouches-if you haven't heard of them yet- are the newest range of organic baby foods inspired by the Mediterranean roots of their founder Cat. What I love about Piccolo is the passion behind the product. They believe in fresh, wholesome, organic ingredients and in teaching children to enjoy their food and get involved in preparing it when they can! The pouches are not just basic flavours but have hints of herbs and spices to get little ones used to trying new flavours and expanding their taste-buds. As someone who loves cooking with their children their whole ethos is something I can really get behind, So I was looking forward to meeting the team!
 We headed to Morrisons cafe where we joined the other mums and little ones for an activity session with Hartbeeps. I've never taken little E or his brother to anything like it before but they absolutely loved it! The lady running it was great with the children and my usually extremely shy little E was on his feet dancing in front of everyone! It was such a colourful, hands on experience and even the tiniest and the oldest (mine) enjoyed it; I believe they run sessions all over the country so if you have one near by I recommend them wholeheartedly.
After that we listened to Alison from Piccolo talk about weaning ideas and had a little Q & A about feeding babies; it was really interesting to hear from someone in the know, even as a mum of two there's still lots to learn and more ways to be inspired when creating healthy and enjoyable meals, so I found it great. The kids tucked into some homemade flapjacks and fresh fruit before trying some of the Piccolo flavours which went down really well; my two looked like they'd been in a fruit fight by the end but both were very happy!

It was lovely to spend the morning with Piccolo and we're very happy to have been part of their celebrations as their company grows;
Thank you Piccolo!


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