Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Crafting Days {Sugar Art}

Our little ones really are wild in every sense;
they are full of energy from the moment they open their eyes and generally come rain or shine need a large open space to run free in before they'll even think about going to bed at a reasonable hour.
The other things I've found though is that they need to exercise their creativity just as much - I'm speaking mainly about TJ as little E's character has yet to unfold further!) 
He loves being creative, obviously baking is a major creative outlet for us (and of course Lego), but also any sort of art work- he often tells me he'll be an artist when he grows up (that or a Lego master Builder) He'll never turn down an opportunity to paint or do any sort of gluing and sticking work and I love that about him. He's a really creative little soul and I've discovered a few hours of craft or creative play does (almost) as good a job at tiring that wild energy out..!
I have a few Pinterest boards to give me some ideas and often we'll sit together and pin a few ideas that he wants to try. This week I saw someone making those glass bottles with sand in that we used to make as kids- anyone else remember these from the 90's?! I noticed that they used sugar and chalk instead of sand and thought it would be a good idea for sand art (another 90's throwback!)
Last summer we went to a local urban beach; one of the activities was sand art and he absolutely loved it. This morning little E went down for his nap so it was a good opportunity to do something together. It was a really simple (and cheap!) activity so i thought I'd share it here; It's always good to have go-to ideas when the kids are bored so maybe you can Pin this one for a rainy day.
All you need is caster sugar, then just powder the chalk and stir in! (you can use a butter knife to scrape the chalk or give the kids a plastic one and let them do it- another way to keep them occupied for a while!) We used sticky back tape to create the pictures on some white card and it worked great.

TJ loved this one; I think it makes a great summer hols activity for outside too!

What are your little ones favourite crafts?


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