Friday, 9 June 2017

Father's day

Father's day is just around the corner and I know that a lot of people dislike celebrating these seemingly commercial holidays but Father's day is actually not just a day created to sell greetings cards;
Since the middle ages Fathers day was celebrated on March 19th on the feast of St Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, however it is now much more commonly celebrated on the third Sunday of June following the American tradition started 100 years ago by a lady in Washington.
I think it's always important to be grateful to our Dads and I love St Joseph as a role model to fathers; it's a good day to remember to tell my Dad that I love him and appreciate everything he has done and continues to do for us and to encourage my children to do the same by showing their dad love too!
There's so much heartache in this world, if we can take anything from the recent events it's that we need to cherish each other more and show love as often as we can.

I'm generally unorganised when it come's to holidays of any kind really- hence why I'm always baking in my PJ's - and as far as gifts go they tend to be simple due to lack of time- again down to my lack of organisation in that area!
My Dad and Husband both dislike too much fuss but I know they secretly enjoy getting gifts they like - and there are only so many pairs of socks a person can need!
I thought I'd have a little browse of some lovely Father's day gifts and share them with you- hopefully I'll get inspired and maybe you will too...

1Dad Life Backpack by Mommamakes I Love these backpacks - there are so many mama themed accessories, it's great to see some for dad's. I like how they're stylish and not overstated; something my husband would definitely love.There are also other really cool matching accessories on the site for Mums, Dad's, kids and Grandad's too!
2Breaking Dad Sweatshirt by Parent Apparel Hilarious and stylish as always by the brilliant Parent apparel.
3Brass Photo Print by Oakdene Designs  This solid brass print is such a gorgeous idea; I love the simple design and that you can add a special message on the bottom- perfect as a unique gift.
4. Big Breakfast Biscuits by Biscuiteers  These guys certainly have the wow factor when it comes to  biscuits; guaranteed to make any dad smile!
5. Father Mug by Doris&co - I love Doris Mugs and this one is perfect for a Dad.
6. Memory Box by Cheerz  These memory boxes come with photo credits that can be used throughout the year so they can keep being added to whenever you like- I know my dad would love something like this!
7Dinosaur Egg cup by NHM Shop If you've got a serious dinosaur fan on your hands (like me) This is just one of the huge selection of Dino themed gifts in the NHM shop; I just like this cute little egg cup.
8. Chocolate Tools by The Amazing Chocolate Workshop No these are not actual tools, but amazing chocolate creations that are in fact edible! I've been lucky enough to try these before when someone bought them as a gift for my brother and they are just as real looking close up (and delicious).
9Wood Watch by Tribe I came across these recently and love them, my husband isn't really a jewellery wearer and these look really natural and understated.

I hope these have given you a few ideas for Father's day;
What are your plans for the day?


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