Friday, 16 June 2017

Life Lately

I feel like it's been forever since I just posted about our life at the moment; The last few months have flown by and I can't believe we're almost half way through the year already.
It's hard for me to remember what it was like before we had little E. Just a year ago we were a family of three but it still feels like he's been here forever. Those first few weeks of adjusting to this new life passed by in a big happy blur and now we're settled into it, it's our new normal. When I first became a mum I struggled with the changes so much; I wasn't sure whether I would ever get used to my new self or this little life. I think it's fair to say that we found those days tough and wonderful in equal measure. Nothing beats the feeling that experience gives you though, and this time around we've found ourselves much more relaxed about parenthood; yes we still worry about everything, and having two under five is hard work, but we take a lot more in our stride; seeing them growing so quickly and learning every day brings me so much contentment. 
I've always wanted to stay at home with my children; I know it's not so common nowadays, and financially it was always going to present a struggle. It's not easy doing something that so few people are and that everyone has an opinion on. I wouldn't want to provoke a discussion over working vs stay at home mums here; there's plenty of that going on all over the internet!- all I'll say is that it's what I feel in my heart is best for my children. I have been in the workplace since I was sixteen; I have worked full time time in care homes and nurseries and can honestly say this is my hardest job yet! It is non stop, 24/7 emotional, physical, mental work. Funnily enough though I was never asked when I worked in a nursery, "What do you do all day!?!"
Our days are long at the moment especially with the the light mornings and evenings;
both boys are up early, little E around 6am and TJ around 7.30am. We get washed, dressed, have breakfast, play with toys, with Lego, in the garden; little E will have a nap though not always, around mid morning but usually it's only about half an hour; then generally it's just playing, cleaning, tidying learning; TJ is doing basic phonics, number work and science(We also bake a lot, as you'll see in our previous posts!) I try to get them out swimming, to the park or playground or something else to get some energy out before bedtime; they both get really cranky without it! Then its tea, bath-time, stories, prayers and bed. In between all of this is the constant flow of washing to be done, pots to be washed, floors to be swept and mopped and meals to clear away. After they both finally nod off I try to get on with blogging or watch something - if I can stay awake-Joe will tell you I'm a serial half film watcher though as I always nod off..!
It's not easy to not have a pay packet or hours sheet to show for work but its never been about what other people perceive my value as; any Mother will tell you, we find our worth in our children. seeing them thrive, and grow and make their way in the world. All we can do is our best; to nurture them, protect them,love them unreservedly and encourage them to do the same. At the moment our days are all about these little people, they are both in days that are the most important but are also so fleeting. between Joe and I we're trying our hardest to make them as happy as possible and still keep everything going. It's a juggling act at times but it keeps us busy! My favourite days at the moment are the most ordinary. The days we're all at home together, not doing anything in particular. I love the days we can live slowly; just having a walk, all being around the table or watching a film together on an evening. I know it's these days that I know I'll miss the most one day when our boys are all grown. I started blogging when TJ was only a few months old. I was finding the early days of motherhood difficult and came across a few blogs that I really enjoyed. As well as being a great way to record memories I loved reading about other parents normal days and to me it seemed like a good way to count my blessings. I've since expanded the blog and it's now about all of our life rather than just our children but it's still the main reason why I love blogging and why I've kept it up for much longer than I've ever stuck anything else out! I'm so grateful for this life we have and our little lovelies, even on the most ordinary days.


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