Monday, 12 June 2017

The Bathtime Routine {Kokoso Baby}

We love our bath time in this house, especially the little guys. It's just the best way to start the bedtime routine, they love having a splash (or a flood as is often the case) together and I just think getting little ones into the warm water at the end of the day settles them down a bit and gets them ready for a relaxed sleep. When T was born being a first time mum I naturally assumed that normal baby branded washes and soaps would be fine to use on his skin but after a short while he came out in a rash that was quickly determined to be a result of irritation; the same thing happened when I used certain washing powders and wet wipes. We immediately stopped using anything on his skin and went in search of more natural products. My mum gave me a pot of coconut oil - actually for cooking! - and as soon as I tried it I thought it was brilliant. I've made sure we've been well stocked ever since and used it for everything from soothing rashes to moisturising dry skin. It's the only thing I use on my childrens skin- if it works and is completely natural, why use anything else?
Kokoso Baby kindly sent me a pot of their Coconut oil while I was pregnant with little E; I usually just use jarred organic Coconut oil from our local supermarket so it was lovely to see a brand specifically with babies in mind! 
Kokoso was launched by a mum after discovering the amazing benefits of Coconut oil. The Coconuts they use are organic and a special process is used to create a super lightweight oil that is much more easily absorbed. I used it straight away on little E; for baby massage, as a barrier cream, to clear up his cradle cap and as a gentle cleanser. It was so soft and gentle and melted so easily onto the skin. I loved not having to worry about any adverse reactions, knowing it is completely safe and natural. 
I was thrilled when Kokoso contacted us again to get involved with the launch of their new baby hair and body wash. I know that they've been working hard over the last year to create an ultra gentle wash, safe and natural enough to use on newborn skin, that has been tried and tested. I couldn't wait to try our the new body wash at bath-time and it really hasn't disappointed. It is a silky formula that smells very coconutty! It lathers up gently and leaves your skin feeling very soft and moisturised. I've used it on both boys, it works beautifully for hair and their skin is even softer- but I'm not going to lie I've also been using it myself! I hope they won't mind me saying but it is amazing for leg shaving and I've even used it as a face wash..!
So there you have it, perfect for Mama's and little ones-  I'm really hoping a mum's range is next on the cards!

NB In collaboration with Kokoso Baby however all opinions are entirely my own,

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