Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Living Simply {Ft. Pestemal and towel}

Since having children, our home set up has changed a lot. When we first moved in we spent a lot of time collecting things that we needed and then things that we liked to have around; Joe and I have quite different tastes in that he likes modern and I'm more rustic. Between us we managed to collect a lot of furniture and general things for the house that more often than not were just decorative.
I had a habit of rummaging through little vintage stores for treasures and trying to recreate the pages of country living magazines! I'm not going to lie, I still love my Country Living, and stored away on my secret Pinterest boards are my dream home ideas for my future home, but I've come to realise that some things are not always practical when you have small children. You can absolutely have a nice home and nice things, but common sense will tell you that too many trinkets and teacups aren't a good idea once they start toddling! On top of that the general day to day life of a family home demands a certain degree of practical simplicity, something I'm just starting to fully appreciate. 
I started downsizing a few months ago and it's still a work in progress; in all truth it's an ongoing process really as the children grow out of clothes and things get worn out or are not needed anymore.
 I am already seeing a big difference in our home though, and in myself I just don't want so many things in my life! I've definitely been inspired by the simplistic Scandinavian style that is everywhere at the moment; I'm a bit late to the hygge party but it's a wonderful concept that I'm getting more into.
Downsizing, or simplifying your life is more than just that massive clear out we all have after Christmas (!) it's changing your way of life. It takes getting used to and isn't easy, like anything worthwhile; personally I've found having less seems to make me see just how much I do have and really appreciate it. Becoming more simplistic has changed the way I shop now, and I've found myself leaning much more towards things which are clean, practical and simple.
I've feel like become an actual adult over the last couple of years (!) and started repeating phrases I remember my own parents and grandparents saying about buying things that will last and "quality over quantity" ; sayings I understand now rather than just roll my eyes at! (Sorry mum)
Being a parent to two little ones means everyday things need to be easier; easier to carry, to wash, to put away, to find. There's just too many other important things to worry about!
Last week I targeted the bathroom on my simplifying mission and we had a trip to IKEA which further inspired me to adopt a more Scandinavian attitude to house practicality! The same week Pestemal and Towel sent us these beautiful towels to try and I love them. Yes Towels.
 I had been living my life thinking there were only one type of heavy towel that required hours to dry, a big cupboard to store and are a pain to carry home from swimming . When I was thinking about what to say about how lovely they are they fitted right in with this post I was already writing about simplifying; as far as making life easier they really fit the bill. They're light, absorbent, easy to fold or throw into a bag and dry really quickly as they're thinner and made of lighter fabric. They're multi-use as well so perfect to keep in the car for day trips to the beach, as picnic blanket or just as a light cover up if the kids fall asleep in the car. They're going to be fab for using over the summer just to throw on the grass while little E is playing. I never thought I'd have so much to say about towels but I'm a total convert! These are by Pestemal and Towel who have a great range; I love the colourful designs and they're really good quality. They are traditionally from Turkey but are now made just about everywhere; Pestemal and Towel are actually a Greek company and have a really big range of these lovely towels which are all made from natural fibres and are Eco friendly (Good to know!)
After giving the bathroom a good spring clean and clearing out all the extra bits that were just cluttering up the room, it's now so much easier to keep clean and tidy. I'm planning to do each room gradually and then attempt to stop myself collecting any more unnecessaries!
 Then again I can never say no to a nice mug...

Do you have any good habits for keeping things simple at home?

NB Post in Collaboration with Pestemal and Towel however all opinion are entirely my own

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