Friday, 7 July 2017

My Lovely Little Baker {ft. Cheerz}

  Baking is something that has become incredibly close to my heart over the last few years. 
It's been my favourite creative outlet since I started making cupcakes as a teenager but it's much more than just a hobby to me now. Being able to pass this skill-even with my limited knowledge- onto my children makes me so happy; seeing those little hands creating things and watching him learn is pretty high up on my list of proud mama moments. Tomorrow TJ turns five, and I'm so pleased that over the last few years we have such lovely memories of making things together to look back on. He absolutely loves baking and is so proud of everything he creates; I try to capture as many of these moments as I can as the memories are just so precious to me. I hope to get our little E into the kitchen when he's a bit older too, hopefully he'll enjoy it just as much.
TJ has been baking with me since he was old enough to stand on a stool and mix with a wooden spoon; our old pine dining table has seen a lot of bakes; good and bad!
Whenever he does any cooking he always wears his little red bus apron and drags his favourite stool out from under the table. What I love about this boy is the way he is always so enthusiastic to help and get involved. He's never been a half measure kind of guy, so there's always flour everywhere and sticky hand prints on the landing; he's a bit of a wild baker. Today he has decided to make biscuit pops, I left him with the dough and came back to half of it having been eaten and the rest coloured with green food gel; It's always fun with this one...!
We make things together so often I tend to forget unless I see a picture I've managed to snap while trying to keep the ingredients in the bowl. Sometimes I manage to catch him off guard enjoying a very peaceful moment rolling dough or decorating a bun.
Cheerz asked us to try out their photo magnets and I couldn't think of a better keepsake of our baking memories than these for the kitchen. They are such lovely quality; I bought this little magnet notice board a few years ago and it's been hiding away until now where it's going to have pride of place in our kitchen displaying these favourites of my little guy at work.
I'm so proud of my little baking friend and I love having these cute reminders of our times together;
I can't wait to add more memories.


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