Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Our Little Adventures {At the Beach ft. Yippie Yo}

 Some days are just meant for adventures.
On the odd occasion we all find ourselves a bit fed up, bored and needing a change of scenery; with two wild boys in the house it's easy to get a bit of cabin fever!
Last Saturday we randomly decided to take a trip to the coast; the weather seemed to be holding out but either way we fancied the drive just for the view. We headed up towards Scarborough where we stopped to have a paddle in the sea and a play in the sand. 
This place hasn't changed too much over the years and holds a lot of memories for myself and Joe, coming here as children and spending days on the beach and on the arcade. We both love the Harbor bar too where you can get the best ice cream and milkshakes. It's an almost surreal experience going to the same places with our two little ones now.
We just had to take the Yippie Yo with us to test out on the beach, and it didn't let us down; it was so easy to pull across the sand even carrying all our usual baggage. It was great for getting the little ones across the beach; having tried before several times with a pushchair and failing the buggy made it look so easy. We popped it back into the boot before heading off down the promenade; the mess was minimal thanks to the tyres that as easy to pop off and water resistant fabrics,
Before leaving we headed up towards the arcades which TJ loves, it's pretty loud and bright in there and although we've long grown out of enjoying them as much the kids had a great time; I'm sure most  kids love the noise and penny machines!
After that we decided to just drive along the coast and explore which lead us right up to Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby which is beautiful. We got as far as Saltburn just as the Sun was at it's peak late in the evening so we headed back with two fast asleep boys in the back.
The views were amazing and seeing the sun setting as we drove back peacefully was the perfect end to the day.

Sometimes the unexpected adventures really are the best.


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