Thursday, 24 August 2017

A Day out with Piglets

This Summer has flown by; we seem to have crammed so many things over the last few weeks and I can't believe this weekend is the last in August. This Summer also marks our last with our eldest little guy at home as he heads off to school in September-something I'm still not ready for!
I think we've just been trying to enjoy the freedom of not having much of a routine and being able to have days out when we want; I'm sure we'll all settle into our new routine come September but until then it's been lovely to just appreciate this time together. This Summer has also been the first where little E has been able to actively get involved. He's pretty good on his feet now and isn't a fan of being confined too much, so we take any chance we get to get these boys out and using up some energy while catching the sunshine while it lasts...
 This week were really pleased to be invited to Piglets Adventure Farm near York; Despite visiting York fairly often we've never been before and actually only heard of it this year. Piglets combines a real hands on farm experience with large play areas, rides and activities. 
TJ was so excited to get there so we grabbed the buggy and set off early to make the best of the good weather; It was quite a busy day as everyone else clearly had the same idea but it didn't take us long to get in and get exploring!

"Fairy Fortunes" 
The boys really loved the farm and so did we; they loved being able to get up close to the animals especially the baby piglets which were absolutely adorable! What I noticed straight away was how hands on the staff were; always around chatting to people, cleaning and just being generally helpful. There are handy little sinks dotted around as well as reminders to wash your hands which I thought was great. TJ didn't need much encouragement with plenty of pump soap and the novelty of child high sinks to use! The animals all look very well cared for, I'm no expert but they looked very content. We saw Goats, Pigs, Chickens, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and Donkeys before heading back round to the Fairy Trail. There are little Fairy houses hidden all along the path which they loved finding; each one was hidden into tree stumps and grass and they looked so magical.
Watching the pig racing
Getting lost in the Maize Maze

 The largest part of the farm is the activity and playground area which is really big and open plan; There are big sand pits and wooden play equipment, giant inflatable pillows, crazy golf, go-karts and ride on tractors (to name a few!) as well as a big tent where there are circus type shows and a foam party area which looks a lot of fun although we managed to miss that bit! They've managed to cram so many activities into this one area that even though it was busy there was something for every little one to do. TJ's favourite was the water wars - a giant inflatable game- so he had a few go's on that with his dad while I took little E on the barell ride. Again we both commented on how great the staff were; so friendly and really helpful- especially the kind guy who helped TJ on the Water Wars! We met up in the big tent and everyone enjoyed Fatt Matts circus tricks- though litte E seemed a bit bewildered at seeing a man on a giant unicycle!
The Maize Maze is really good fun; you get given a special fob to use at different rainbow coloured posts which makes it a game to see how fast you can find each colour, it makes it a lot more fun than just wandering around, as they loved searching for the hidden colours. 
 Little E testing the Ice Cream!
On site there are plenty of places to eat as well as areas inside and out for picnics; We stopped for an ice cream at the little parlour before jumping on the tractor ride which takes you around the farm to the play barn. We were really surprised at how big it was; inside there are giant slides, rope swings, ride on tractors and a giant corn kernel pit which the boys loved- I'm not going to lie though, I'm still finding corn and hay in my shoes! Therer is a York pizza company inside the barn so you can enjoy a freshly cooked pizza while the kids run wild (The marquee attached to the barn is so pretty - I had to take a picture of the lovely lights!)
 There are just so many different parts to Piglets Adventure Farm and plenty to fill a day out with. 
I'm so glad we were able to visit, there were even tears when it was time to go home so no doubt we'll be returning soon! If you're after a fun filled day out Piglets definitely gets our approval; they have so much going on all year round so we're looking forward to coming back through the seasons.
Thank you Piglets Adventure Farm for having us! 

September is on it's way so hope you're all making the very most of this last week of August.

NB Post in collaboration with Piglets Adventure Farm however all opinions are entirely our own


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