Monday, 14 August 2017

Time Flies

 I don't think anyone is ever completely prepared for parenthood.
All the planning in the world couldn't possibly prepare you for the range of emotions that having a child brings; it's strange, hard, wonderful, scary and joyful often at the same time!
The first few months are so very new but there's usually much more time to focus your full attention on that little person. We took so many photo's of TJ; smiling, playing, his first taste of food, learning to walk, holidays, Christmas and birthdays. I spend evenings putting a scrapbook together of memories and printing photos out for the albums as I just had more time to do it! 
People said to me that going from one child to two was the most difficult transition but in all honesty I haven't found it to be that hard; I worried a lot about how the one who had be given our complete attention would cope with having to share us but we've been so impressed with how well he's dealt with the changes and now it's like our little E has always been here. The most difficult part of having two children for me has been the time factor. I have to make sure I distribute it as evenly as I can and still fit in time for everything else that needs doing! Although two doesn't seem like a lot our days often pass by in a blur and I'm always wondering by Friday just where the week has got to!
This last year has gone by ridiculously fast; it feels like last week that we brought our second baby boy home from the hospital. As much as I'd like to say that I have managed to record just as many milestones as I did with TJ, I just can't! Thankfully phones have great cameras now and mine is always full of pictures of the boys; but up until recently I've never actually had any photos printed off from his first year...! It really is just getting the time to choose them, go through them checking each one and actually ordering them. I'd never seen something like the Cheerz Baby Memory boxes and instantly loved the idea. The box is designed to hold all of your first year photos (and more), neatly categorised by month and ready to fill with all your favourites. It definitely appeals to my organisational "Monica" side! The best part of this lovely gift though, for me, is that it comes pre-loaded with a code ready to use for your prints. All you have to do is activate it on the site and you can add to your collection anytime throughout the year. 
As I've mentioned before having used the Cheerz site, it is so simple to upload your photos from your computer; you can easily transfer them from Instagram, Facebook or your Google drive and they don't take a lifetime to upload(hooray!)When you sign in your photos are saved so you can keep coming back to them whenever you get time which is  brilliant for busy mums and dads who don't want to lose their precious ones memories to their hard drive.
I had these printed from little E's first year and went for a traditional size and glossy finish; When they arrived I had such a feeling of nostalgia, getting your prints back in their paper wallet, being able to hold them and actually look at them properly! The quality was perfect and they just felt so special; it really means so much to have them to look back on. As well as letting us review their gorgeous boxes Cheerz have kindly given me a code for 10% off any £20 spend on their site 6BJTHL ; you can also use SAL8CR for £4 off anything (I get a referral reward too)
The Cheerz Baby memory Box is beautiful and I know for sure what I'll be gifting the next new mama I know; they're the perfect family keepsake. 

NB post in Collaboration with Cheerz however all opinions are entirely our own


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