Monday, 25 September 2017

Autumn Days {ft. Stuffel Bags}

There's nothing like a beautiful September to set you off into Autumn;
Considering the end of Summer was a bit of a washout, it feels so good to see the sun albeit with a bit of a chill in the air. This week has been perfectly Autumnal although we've been so busy it's been hard to properly enjoy it. This month has all been about getting out eldest ready for school; meeting teachers, buying supplies (last minute of course!) and making sure forms are filled in. It'll be a hard and strange transition for all of us but one that  I'm hoping and praying proves a to be a great change and something TJ really thrives with. He is so excited and we've been really impressed so far with the School; he's starting on Thursday so I'm trying to keep a level head and keep myself busy(and not cry at the gates!) I think knowing that our full days together are coming to an end and made me pause a lot more during the day; leaving the tidying up to play or read a story just a bit more often. The age gap between the boys seems to have been closing over the Summer, and although there's a lot of squabbling over toys/lids/empty shampoo bottles they actually do play together quite often. As long as I keep a watchful eye over Little E, he loves playing Lego with his brother. I think he just wants to copy whatever he see's him doing, so he tries really hard to build things and watches his brother with intense concentration! Lego is a big part of our lives in this House; TJ has been literally obsessed with it since he saw it occupying shelves in his Dad's office and he has only grown to love it even more. He builds Lego from the moment he gets up, has a whole scene set up in his room and always asks for it at Christmas and for his Birthday. I am so impressed by the things he creates from his own imagination and I think its one of those really great toys that everyone can enjoy.
Clearing it away is the biggest problem as apparently the best way to play with it is spread out out on the floor, so naturally when I saw these Stuffel Bags I knew they'd be a brilliant solution.
They're heavy cotton and make tidying away a mountain of Duplo, Lego or any other toys so much easier. The novelty also means little people are much happier to tidy away their toys!
  Yesterday was lovely and Sunny so after a morning at home we decided to head out for a little Picnic; It wasn't very well planned, just a few snacks and sandwiches from our local Sainsburys; but the Stuffel proved to be the perfect bag for carrying our supplies and Picnic Blanket. We had a lovely time sitting under the trees and playing on the grass. The Stuffel was the perfect size for us and although the grass was a little damp kept our sarnies dry!
I'm relishing in these days together but I'm sure we'll appreciate our new routine once it comes around; I think the most important thing is our intention to always make the most of our time with our children whether they're at home or at school. These precious days with our little ones just fly by so quickly.

NB Post in Collaboration with Stuffel however all opinions are entirely our own

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  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, Sally. We're just delighted that you're loving your Stuffel, and what a fabulous seasonal post. All the very best xx


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