Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Starting the School Year {Getting Organised ft. Cheerz}

 The last few weeks have completely got away from me;
with our eldest starting school I feel like every bit of energy has been focused on it. The whole preparation has felt so long, getting everything he needs sorted, making sure he's happy and settled and then actually getting through the first week has been so much more draining, physically and emotionally, than I anticipated. I'm not sure if anyone else feels this way when their child starts school..please tell me it's not just me?!
Anyway the blog has suffered a little; as is the case when you work for yourself, you tend to put off everything you can and try to fit in work at crazy hours as there just isn't time in the day. I've been so tired recently I just haven't been able to muster up the energy to pull any late night blogging sessions and on top of which I have had a stint of headaches which really hasn't helped. 
I'm feeling better now TJ is finally in school and I'm starting to get my bearings being at home with just one child again, it's just so quiet! Something I've discovered about family life is that it is always changing; just when you've got the hang of something, a newborn, breastfeeding, a toddler, weaning, working from home, having one child, something changes and so does the whole dynamic. With the best intentions in the world, a routine only works for so long and then it's time to start a new one. It can be hard to keep up but at least life is always interesting!
So here I am now, starting at the beginning of the school year;
We were given a welcome pack which has a list of all the diary dates for the next year and of course I forgot the first one and only realised today when I saw a lot of queuing parents with very smart children; yeah it's photo day. Luckily the little man looked smart and let me do the stereotypical mum face wipe before he ran off to class. Silly Mama!
I am quite an organised person usually, (believe it or not!) but I do need to up my game. Thankfully my gorgeous new calendar from Cheerz arrived just in time- so I can actually remember whats happening and keep track of all these dates. 

It was super easy to personalise with some of our favourite pictures of the boys; you can also change the colour frames and add your own dates. I'm a little addicted to the Cheerz site as it is just so easy to use and the quality of the photos is always fantastic. You can even add yourself a hook to hang it on- super organised right? I've never had a personalised Calender before but having seen this one I think I'll need one every year!
I'll be spending this week getting on top of everything, but I'm sure it won't be long before everything changes up again..

P.S Here's a code for 10% off the Cheerz website (minimum spend £20) 84TE56 or use SAL8CR for £4 off your first order! (and Just so you know, this ones a Referral Code)

NB Post in Collaboration with Cheerz however all opinions are entirely our own

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