Sunday, 3 September 2017

The Mama Uniform

I'm not much of a fashion blogger;
apart from the fact that I'm terrible at having my photo taken, since having little ones I have fallen onto the habit of generally sticking to my standard "Mama uniform". Things that are easy to wear, comfortable, feeding accessible and won't show up grubby little finger prints too easily.
When you spend most of your day cleaning up, cooking or playing Lego you tend to stick to what's easy and clean, usually my favourite worn out dungarees! I've never been one to obsess over fashion but I've always enjoyed a bit of retail therapy; the sales are my favourite, as I hate wasting money!
I have discovered over the last few years that pregnancy has really changed the way I see myself, and having gone through so long having a big tummy and not being able to wear anything I wanted I've grown to really appreciate that freedom a lot more! I don't tend to do lots with myself in the line of make up or have any sort of beauty regimen but I've found that simple things like being able to dry my hair properly in the morning or put a bit of make up on just makes me feel a little bit more confident, even if I'm just doing the food shop. It's not really about whether anyone else notices!
Little E is at the stage where he really only feeds on an evening and early morning so I've got tho that stage where I can wear normal tops now without worrying about them being super accessible; the novelty of it hasn't been wasted on me, so recently I've been having a good clear-out of my (very small) clothing collection and trying to keep an eye out for some staples to build up my wardrobe again. I love things that you can wear in different ways and go for more classical rather than modern clothes (little bit conscious that I'm closer to 30 than 20!). Good quality jeans are my favourite; they are easy to dress up or down and a pair that fit well will last a good while. I think the best way to build up your clothing collection without spending a fortune is to even it out with sale finds and cheaper stores for everyday essentials. I had a stroll around the TK Maxx sale last week and picked up some really great pairs of jeans that will definitely see me through the colder season. My absolute favourite though are the ones by "For all mankind"that my lovely Mum treated me to. They are literally the softest jeans ever and fit like a dream; they're a lighter colour than I would usually go for but I just love it. I also popped by Primark and grabbed a few T-shirts, long and short sleeved. They wash really well and are cheap enough to have in every colour- no mum can go wrong with the Breton stripe!
 Over the last few years I've come to realise that jewellery is not something I'm going to get away with wearing while I have very little ones;  I've learnt the hard way after having several necklaces ripped off! That's why I think these teething necklaces by Mama & Belle are such a fab idea- they are easy to wear, look stylish and they're designed to be grabbed at and chewed. This grey marble "Delilah" necklace goes with just about anything but there are a great selection of different colours and matching bangles on their site. Little E has been teething early like his brother and now his front teeth are through I thought he might have a longer break but now his back teeth are coming in. He isn't as dribbly and red cheeked as before but he's been bad tempered and back to biting on things, so these really are perfect; The size of the beads definitely makes them easier to get at those pesky molars.They certainly tick all the boxes for functionality and style.

Now we're heading into Autumn my next additions are going to be some chunky cardigans and cosy jumpers to see me through the cold mornings doing the school run; Although I'm sure before we know it, it'll be hats and coats weather again!


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