Tuesday, 17 October 2017

A Cosy Space {ft.Cotton Ball Lights}

Hello again
It's been a while since I've actually sat and wrote here; I think I've just been so eager to get us settled into the September routine it feels like I've thought of nothing else and to be honest I've been feeling quite exhausted! It's no secret that I struggle a lot with headaches or migraines as they so often seem to be these days. After so many visits to the doctor and countless alternative and dietary efforts I still have bouts of them that can last for weeks. The after effects leave me feeling so drained that all I want to do is sleep but having two little guys means it's not really an option! I've had to realise that I have to prioritise my family of course, but also that I need to stop trying to be and do everything; to sometimes just be and enjoy the quiet moments. I got a little book on Hygge a few months ago- if you're new to the party like me, Hygge is a Danish concept that has really taken off over here in the last year; it's all about embracing and cherishing the present moment and creating an environment in which feelings of warmth, cosiness and contentment can exist (hopefully I've got that right?! That's the gist I get of it anyway!) As soon as I started reading into it I found that it's not much different to what many people do in their different cultures, only using a different word(s); it's about living slowly, being present, peaceful environments, incorporating nature into your home and creating a welcoming atmosphere where people feel relaxed. Whatever you call it, I think it's certainly something we could all use  and definitely something that should be part of our lives. Sometimes we spend so much time trying to do everything as fast as we can in order to relax that we just find more things to do (well I definitely do).

 I decided to make our back room into a more relaxed space rather than the simple dining room it's been since we moved here six years ago. Now that little E and I are together all day while TJ is at school I wanted it to be somewhere he could play as well being a comfortable space to sit and just read or have a peaceful cup of tea being able to look onto the garden. It didn't take me long or cost much at all and without even trying to hard I managed to work in a few of the tips for creating a "Hyggeligt" space, adding some plants, a large soft rug, clean looking cube storage and a comfortable chair. I used some old crates given to me by our local supermarket of all places (they were for spring bulbs!) as these kind of makeshift shelves and I love them.
Joe surprised me with this adorable Samsung  Bottle speaker which also glows any colour you want it to; it's perfect for listening to some relaxing tunes or just the radio on a morning. I love that it looks like a little milk bottle!
Most unusually my favourite furniture addition to the space is what has become a large low table in the centre of the room. It was once our small dining room table but Joe kindly chopped the legs down for me and it now functions as a brilliant low coffee/play/dining table. 
One Hygge theme I noticed about creating a relaxing and cosy space was the addition of soft lighting. I am an absolute sucker for lights especially lovely glowy lamps and fairy lights; they just add so much to any room making it seem so much more inviting and warm. These Cotton Ball lights are the first set I've ever had and I think they're just gorgeous; great quality,they give off such a lovely soft glow and go perfectly in my little room. I picked the colours myself and decided to go with soft greys and vanilla colours which I think work well in any space. It was so easy to pick the colours out using their website and they're super easy to put together; I think these are a fantastic idea if you want to add a different style of lighting without spending a lot of money or if you're not too sure when it comes to placing lighting around a room with effect. These look so wonderful wherever they are and I think just add that special feel; the way simple candlelight does or the lights on a Christmas tree.
Being able to choose from such a variety of colours means they can be suited to any room or even season; I think they'd look perfect in Autumnal Oranges and yellows or Christmas greens and reds for staircases or fireplaces.
I'm really thrilled with my new space and even more so that we actually do use it; it's our place to play, eat and do homework on an evening as well as somewhere to relax in and just look out at the garden.
I have a few more things to add to this room so I'll be posting more soon!

NB Post in collaboration with Cotton Ball Lights  however all opinions are entirely my own

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